Blue Giant Film Anime takes on jazz thanks to the trailer

Anime Blue Giant movie takes jazz thanks to the trailer

Joseph Mirant on October 20, 2022

Jazz Manga Shinichi Ishizuki Blue Giant will appear on the big screen as an anime film and the trailer is here to give us a foretaste of fresh melodies that are on the way.The music for the film is dealt with by the winner of the Grammy Award, pianist Hiromi Uehara, and Tomoaki Baba plays a saxophone for the main character, Dai Miyamoto.Shun Ishikawa plays drums for a colleague from Dai, Shunji Tamada, and you can check a short sample in the video below.

Yuzuru Tachikawa from MOB Psycho 100 directs the film, and notes (Deca-Dence) deals with the production of animation.Although the Blue Giant function was originally scheduled for 2022, the production has been extended to ensure the necessary results, and now it premieres in Japan on February 17, 2023.

The author of the manga, Shinichi Ishizuka, shared the following news:

We are extremely happy that the musical director of the film is Hiromi Uehara-San, one of the best pianists in the world of jazz.Together with Tomoaki Baba-san on the saxophone and Shun Ishiwaka-san on drums, two honest young musicians, they created the sound of the movie “Blue Giant” by trial and error.This is very powerful music.I would like to say much more about the sound, but I will try to stop and I hope that everyone will like the movie.Thank you, Uehara-San, Baba-San and Ishiwaka-San for a great sound!Jazz is waiting for you in the theater!Please have fun!

Seven Seas Entertainment publishes manga in English and describes it:

Dai led a normal high school life in Sendai: a city of hot summer days and rainy nights.There was a lack of something between basketball, part -time work and the uncertain future.And this thing was music.When his days in the last grade are coming to an end, Dai takes a cordial oath: “I will be the best jazzman in the world.”But what do you need to be the best?Talent?Effort?Happy break?Or maybe just deep, pure love for music and too much stubbornness to know when to stop.

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