Blue Lock: 5 reasons why you should watch anime

The Blue Lock series has just debuted on Crunchyroll!Here are five reasons why you should watch it!

When we talk about a sports manga, many titles are often mentioned.Between

slam dunk


Captain Tsubas


Kuroko No Basketball

, some are perfect, if you are interested in them and you like this species.Nevertheless, not necessarily everyone appreciates this type of manga from which we can prefer titles such as

Jujutsu kaisen


Titans attack


My hero acadekaren

> To mention only a few big names.But last year Pika Edition made a breakthrough thanks to the title

Blue Lock

Sports manga that immerses us in the world of football.

In addition to sports history,

Blue Lock

First of all, he will offer us a completely new interpretation of the football world, taking over the codes of the best royal battles.But if the sporting side of the story discourages you a bit,

Here are five reasons why you should at least watch anime before reading the manga!

In Blue Lock Sport is not the main topic

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the sports manga, although I read and saw a few classics like those mentioned above.I have to admit that I always found a suck or overrated page in them, which I didn’t like.But everything has changed completely thanks

Blue Lock


In Blue Lock Football is not the main topic, but rather a means.

In fact, I don’t know anything about football and I value this sport very little.However, this series had a fairly impressive hypnotic and addictive side.When I read the first volumes, I quickly realized that sport is not the main topic of the story, but it serves rather as a means of expression.

In effect

Blue Lock

He fell into a vision of football I had and changed it completely.Although at the beginning of the story there is sports competition, it is quickly replaced by individuality and rage to win, rage to be the best.From the beginning, we know that the heroes will have to compete and that the clashes will take various forms, but we are completely unaware of how sport, sold as a team sport, can act as Battle Royal.But

Blue Lock

is great!

Isagi is a hero in which we recognize ourselves

If we look at the biggest hits of Sh┼Źnen recent years, there are many heroes we love, such as Eren with

Titans attack

Deku Z

My hero acadekaren

or Denji Z

man chain saw

.But if you think about it, we don’t necessarily have a lot in common with them.The most vivid example is certainly Goku Z

Dragon Ball

.So yes, his character is incredibly nice, but he is literally God.I must admit that it is difficult to compare yourself with such a character.

Isagi is a character in which we can really recognize.


Blue Lock

, Isagi is an ideal hero in which we can easily recognize ourselves.He is a normal man without a superpower who only dreams of one:

be the best in your passion

.He wants to win a nationwide junior high school tournament, be the best striker.In short, the ambitions that we can, in one way or another, share with him when we fight every day for improvement and outbreak of ourselves.

You will be immersed in a fever of action immediately

If there is one thing that I liked very much in

Blue Lock

, it is that we immediately fall into the fever of action.It is a trend that we observe in many series such as

Titans attack

or, recently,

Spy X Family

.And this is something that we find very clearly in the first episode of the series.

From the very beginning you will immerse yourself in the fire of the action.

Honestly, when the official series of the series fell, I was one of those who couldn’t wait.Nevertheless, I wondered what it would be clear.It is difficult to adapt the manga, the scenario of which is so fast.However, the 8-bit achieves this perfectly and even before the appearance of conflicts between the characters.

But above all, what makes it

Blue Lock

It is unique, it is the unfriendly character of Jinpachi ego.Indeed, when he reveals his plan and intentions, all current high school students are against it.Nevertheless, he will be able to stimulate them enough for their instinct to take control and push them to join the program.

Jinpachi ego, the antagonist of the story, is particularly disturbing

For now, Jinpachi Ego is an antagonist of this story, but it is not known if he will remain to the end.But if there is one thing that we have to admit, it is that his character is particularly uncomfortable.Indeed, when he says

He manages to put his finger on what hurts, which will make people react


Jinpachi ego is not an antagonist like others.

But besides, you must admit that the animators who are responsible for his project have completely passed themselves!In addition, when you think about it, Jinpachi’s gloomy view of sport is ultimately far from the wrong.Indeed, it often happens that the player is criticized for his individuality.There are personalities that think above all about their own success, not to strengthen the team.

So, when the ego explains that the only way to evolution is to be selfish, he is far from evil.Of course, teamwork has its advantages.But if someone wants to develop and develop certain skills, they must focus on themselves.Even if it is rather a taboo subject in our society.This makes him an excellent antagonist.

He doesn’t care what other people think, says what he has to say, does what he has to do and that’s all.

The characters are numerous and are not uninteresting at all

Everyone who read

Blue padlock

, he can tell you.All characters are particularly well refined and, above all, have a reason to be there.First of all, each of them has a very personal physical identity, whether in terms of obesity, size, hairstyle, etc. The 8-bit animation studio has done a huge adaptation work to have a wide range of characters.

All Blue Lock characters are unique.

This aspect of history allows you to recognize several characters.Is it because of their character, figure or simply their personal history.All these reasons make it

Blue Lock

There is an anime and manga that you can’t miss and which you should be seriously interested!