Blue Lock Chapter 191: Chris Prince is coming!release date

Many threads can be developed in the new chapter.But from the tease, which we received from raw chapter scans, you can see that the new chapter will bring a strong hero to the table.And this is Chris Prince, the perfect hero of this story.There will be many moments when fans will cheerfully support the heroes.So Chapter 191 Blue Lock will continue the last part of the match, which will be an extra time.Here’s everything you need to know about this chapter.

In the upcoming plot, fans will learn how the final part of the match develops.There are many players who failed to shine.But above all, Isagi’s goal is unresolved in history.Will he be able to do this?

Blue Lock Chapter 191: What will happen next?

The title of the next chapter Blue Lock will be “coming soon”.The chapter will start when Isagi looks like a frustrated match.And the target of Naked for him was the last nail in the casket.Later, the chapter will be moved to Naked, who will explain how he was able to take Isagi’s movement and defeat him on his own.Isagi will keep a larger heart and contact naked to ask about his trick.

And from the conversation that will flow between them, Isagi will learn that naked football plays just to beat Isagi.This meant that the loss and victory were equally worthless to him.This is the point he intends to use against naked in chapter 191 Blue Lock.The chapter will end with the announcement that Chris Prince was to enter the field.

Summary of the previous chapter!

Blue Lock Chapter 190 began with the fact that Reo and Nagi realized their plan.But Isagi pretended to be the biggest obstacle on the road.None of them could predict which direction he intends to cut.And before they could catch up with the movements, Isagi was fast enough to reach the ball.They notice, however, that even Kaiser was behind the ball.Everything could happen in this mess.

As soon as Isagi got the ball, he thanked Isagi for paving his way on the pitch.Isagi and Kaiser were so busy themselves that they lost their sight of what Reo and Nagi did.So the last scene of the chapter brought a breakthrough event.Finally, he scored a naked goal, which was equal to the points of both teams.And now the final decision will be to resolve the draw.

Blue blockage Chapter 191: Date of release

No significant break in the latest chapter was announced.In this way, fans would no longer have to wait for the chapter.Blue Lock Chapter 191 will soon appear on the table in the next two days.The final release date is October 12, 2022. Fans will be able to see all manga chapters only on the official pages of Kodansha.Finally, look at The anime Daily to receive all updates on the same topic.