Blue Lock Chapter 192: Revelation!Date of issuing and chart details

The list of newcomers this week Blue Lock Chapter 192. Anime of the same was made by a great entry on Netflix, and fans poured it with praise.But with the progress of the season, the manga must also keep up with history.In the previous chapter, both teams took a break after the last goal.And the biggest bomb dropped by the English was in the form of Chris Prince.That’s right, the man goes to the field!Here’s everything you need to know about the new chapter!

In the story below, fans will learn the skills of Chris Prince as a striker.He has only three minutes in the match.But this man will certainly introduce some radical changes in history at once!

Blue Lock Chapter 192: What will happen next?

According to the plot details, the title Blue Lock Chapter 192 will be “Courage”.Using the Star Change system, Chris Prince will go out to the pitch using his three minutes.This is certainly the advantage of England Manshine.What’s more, this is a bigger challenge that Isagi has to face.Reo will be the first to ask his team for setting.But his teammates will not agree with the fact that it was a team game.

The whole goal of Blue Lock was to create the best striker in the world.The chapter will then go to the internal dialogues of each strike.Everyone has their own plan.But there will be a lot of chaos in this story.And Isagi and Yukimiya will be the ones who will stand at the end.

Summary of the previous chapter!

Blue Lock Chapter 191 began with a match standing on an equal road.It was obvious that Isagi was particularly dissatisfied with the way the match went.He expected that he would stop his goal with meta-vision.But it certainly didn’t happen.On the other hand, naked could not understand that he finally won Isagim.

MC still thought about the way naked played this game.He understood that his only goal was to defeat Isaga.And now, when he had fulfilled his goal, he could take the rear seat in the match.At the end of the chapter, a shocking message arrived.This time Chris Prince, legend, was to join the match!

Blue Lock, chapter 192: release date

The arrival of Chris Prince is something that can immediately change the direction of the match.The final release date of the next chapter has not changed.So Chapter 192 Blue Lock will be released on October 19, 2022.Fans will be able to find all manga chapters only on the official pages of Kodansh.Finally, stay in touch with The anime Daily to receive all updates only here.