Blue Lock Episode 2: “Monster”!Date of issuing and chart details

There are many threads that fans will make up for when the anime is continued.The loan where it deserves recognition, the producers did a great job, extracting the story through animation.And now, Blue Lock Episode 2 is in line with the final release date this week.The episode will introduce the ego, face Blue Lock.He is not only a trainer, but also a trainer and manager of the object.So, not devoting much time, here is everything you need to know about the episode.

In the story below there will be a lot of chaos in the fields.Each player is afraid that he may have to leave the first day.However, this is not the case.Some of them will definitely say goodbye, but the rest will stay!

Episode Blue Lock 2: What will happen next?

The title of the next Blue Lock episode is “monster.” The episode will start with the introduction of the ego, a man who is responsible for all things at the Blue Lock center.Even Yoichi is not aware of what he will deal with.According to his official curiosity, Jinpachi is a former coach of the Japanese football team.He will also be a coach at the Blue Lock resort.Chosen for this position by Anri Teieri, he will also be a coach and manager.

After introducing it, players will also receive another task.The last one could see that many of the 300 players were eliminated on the first day.But Isagi decided to keep a weaker player compared to the one who played well.Therefore, he will have to answer the ego in episode 2 Blue Lock.

Summary of the previous episode!

The title of the first episode of Blue Lock was “Dream”.The introductory episode begins with the start of the Prefecture Tournament.The Japan team led with a score of 0-1.And the main striker, Yoichi Isagi, talked to his coach about the upcoming strategy.The section then passes to the other side, where Isagi is called by the Japanese Football Association.He learns that over 300 players were called to this facility.

And this object was named Blue Lock.Soon a task was facing them.Anyone who was unable to take over the ball would be immediately eliminated.In the last act of the Yoichi episode he had a chance to eliminate a stronger player.This is the moment when we finally see what characters we are dealing with.

Episode Blue Lock 2: Date of premiere

There is no burglary edition of the next episode.The praise he received the first episode shows that the series is promising.The premiere of this episode will have no delays.So, Blue Lock Episode 2 will be released on October 15, 2022.Fans will be able to see all the anime episodes only on the official pages of Crunchyroll.Finally, look at The anime Daily to get all the information only here.