Blue Lock Episode 3: A decisive match?!

It was one of the most anticipated anime year and it must be admitted that the adaptation of the famous manga is a huge success!Even if you are not a football fan, the story is exciting and the animation is simply amazing thanks to the 8-bits studio.We can not wait:

Discover episode 3 Blue Lock


The discussion between Bachira Meguru and Isagi allowed us to understand that they were lived by a real monster similar to those of the best players in history.Therefore, two heroes have all the chances of becoming another striker of the Japanese national team, but we are still wondering how the match of the next episode will go!

Episode Blue Lock 3: Loser match in advance?

How will our heroes be able to oppose the team of eleven players, all of whom have better places in the ranking than they do?We remind you that the Isagi team consists of the “worst” strikers of the Blue Lock project, so it is difficult to predict how they will win this match, which can be decisive for the future …

One thing is, however, certain: Isagi will have to listen to his monster completely if he wants to have a chance to shine during the match that awaits him in

episode 3 of the blue blockade

.This time there was no question of moving to one of the teammates.Football is no longer a team sport, and he is not ready to forget about this lesson!

Blue Lock Episode 3: A trailer that doesn’t make sense?

Episode 3 Blue Lock

It is almost unrelated to the next episode (yes, it’s strange!) It’s just a scene in which Bachira Meguru and Isagi get lost in a sports complex after probably a very intense training …

What is the release date of episode 3 Blue Lock on Crunchroll?

The release date of episode 3 Blue Lock was set for Saturday, October 22, 2022 at Crunchyroll.The section will be normally available from 20:00.As every week from the beginning of the broadcast.Waiting for the rest, learn about the opinions of viewers about The Watcher, the new series at the moment Ryan Murphy.

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