Blue Lock Episode 4: What is the date and time of release at Crunchyroll?

Discover all information about the bonuses of the 4th Blue Block Episode on Crunchyroll!Date and time of release, etc.

The blue lock is available on Crunchyroll!If you want to know

When the premiere of the fourth episode will take place

, read on!This sports anime is much more complex than it seems, with unusual characters who give the impression of watching Tokyo Revengers if they decided to wear football shoes instead of a motorcycle.

However, the newly created team is waiting for the most difficult test, because they offered us their first match 11V11.It is the duty of the attacker not only to score goals, but also to be an anchor around which the team revolves.

They give the pace, increase morale and inspire their peers with their selfish ego.However, if they allow their ego to get out too far from control, they finally collide with their teammates and will not come anywhere.Our team starts from scratch, because at this point it is simply pure, selfish aggression.

We think that these games will be the majority of this season based on the pace of the episode, so we hope that we will find more next week, when the next game comes.We’ll tell you everything about it

Edition of the 4th episode of Blue Lock on Crunchyroll!

What is the date and time of the premiere of the 4 Blue Lock episode on Crunchyroll?

Waiting does not last long.The release date of the 4th episode of Blue Lock on Crunchyroll was set for October 29, 2022.For those who are impatient, the premiere of the 4 Blue Lock episode was set at 20:00 at Crunchyroll!To find out how many episodes the first Blue Lock season will have, click here.

What can we expect from the sequel?

From the team with they lost their first match very much, in episode 4 Blue Lock we could see how they find new strategies to move football from “zero to one”.Isagi can be a person responsible for ideas.

Episode 4 Blue Lock may also include another team match with, which has no other choice but to win to stay in Blue Lock.We’ll see how they work on its foundations.Episode 4 Blue Lock is entitled “Premonition and intuition”.