Bocchi rock!- Episode 3

Every now and then there is a discussion about the anime, in which the question arises whether the series “needs” a great animation, if it is a comedy.After all, if the jokes are funny, what does it matter if the drawings do not move so much, right?As with most art topics, the answer will be foggy and subjective, but I think about having a great sound system or a convertible in the car.Sure, they are not needed or appropriate in every situation, but the possibility of putting the roof and blowing down the playlist on a sick ass when shooting her on the highway is an unparalleled benefit.Modest or limited production can still be fun, but having a comedy that can throw yourself on artistic fences with your punchtals is something that I will never say “no”.

All this is a preamble justifying my praise how damn well this episode of Bocchi looks like. Starting from the first cage, this episode drips with the classic goodness of the cartoons; From simple gags in the background, such as Bocchi brushing her side ahoge with a specially designed sound, while her sister bakes her, through wild stylizations into literal cardboard cutouts, to live indentation, interrupting the lyrics of Emo Bocchi, there are a million and one accent, which make the whole episode a pure pleasure to watch. If I could go dry, the rest of this review would only be a choice of my favorite faces, but the ANN servers are not strong enough to accommodate hundreds of petabytes that would attract it. It would be difficult to find a full 30 seconds of this episode, which would not contain any clever detail or charming expression that would emphasize the punch line, and this makes it one of the best films to watch during the year with incredibly strong competition. To repeat the analogy, the top is abandoned, Wilhelm’s scream blows me with speakers, and policemen from the road patrol have pierced tires, so we can drain the ass onto the highway.

It certainly won’t hurt, although Bocchi is just as nervous wreck as always, it leaves this episode with several victories on the account.Sure, in royal he breaks through many conversations, but she died only during two of them, which we call progress.Oh, and successfully recruits Kita to (again) join the band, unknowingly becoming her guitar Senpai.Considering how close to home and potentially unhappy can be a special kind of humor of Bocchi, allowing it for small successes helps a lot, so that everything is light enough to make it funny, not painful.And the culmination of all this with a really sweet moment of exercising makes the whole a nod.

The kit is cool too. Initially, I was worried that adding another socially competent figure to Kessok Band would make things crooked, but despite the fact that he initially fell as the polar opposite of Bocchi, Kita turns out to be as a great disaster as our title heroine. It just comes from the other end of the social butterfly spectrum. While Bocchi still hesitates and shrinks even the most trivial, positive opportunity, Kita jumps without thinking to look and falls over his head without a lifebuoy. For example, girl, it’s not that I don’t completely understand joining the band, because you fell in love with a charming bass, but at least take the book Guitar for Dummies. Puenta of her accidental purchase of a six -month bass instead of a guitar was so painful that she usurped the unsuccessful attempt to talk Bocchi with classmates with offbrand Radwimps as the most causing shiver in the episode.

In addition, this time there is no ton on the music side, although I would definitely like to hear the full version of “Double Dark Past” at some point.There is also an interesting conversation between Kita and Bocchim about why they both decided to join the band, and although they both admonish for “selfish” motives, I like that the performance itself does not seem to judge for it.There are a million reasons, good and bad to try your hand at music, and the desire to friendly or dating band members is just as important as any other.The latter is probably not a good plan for long -term success, but as long as you devote yourself to science, you will get out of it better.Although you probably don’t try to write the whole album during parting.In most cases, you get much less


and much more

Mardi gras

.But regardless of how the band goes – and the love life of Kita – this episode is absolutely sung.


Bocchi rock!He is currently broadcasting to Crunchyroll.