Bocchi rock!-episodes 1-2

Bocchi rock!It seems to me that he plays tricks on his viewers.It ranges you with a large, flashy poster, promising a nice rock & roll show, all shots of beautifully released guitars and smeared drums.Then, when everyone is in the room, waiting for the band to attack the stage and snails face, someone closes the door behind them.Now you are trapped when your high school image appears on the stage and begins to read from a teenage diary, looking at your eyes all the time.

At least that’s my experience. I talked about what made the first episode so great in the announcement, and although the second episode is quite light in relation to the musical segments, the heart of all this-Bocchi, a restless worm and its self-sabotaging pursuit of social grace-still here It is in full power. I warn you: if you are or ever you have been someone with serious social anxiety, Bocchi is a laser targeted Tomahawk missile, fired directly at your guts and annihilates you with the right strength. There are a million and one deeply sad, deeply related lines, sometimes simply stray thoughts that pass through the head of our heroine, which make you want to reach through the screen and hug her. I mean, if you are not busy rolling your head in your hands, exaggerating or thinking about the same thing she just did at some point in her life.

Because I will tell you, there will be many anime nerds who will see a lot of themselves in Bocchi.Regardless of whether it is about dressing in the band’s gadgets in the hope that someone else will initiate a conversation or try to get sick so that she does not have to face the emotional terror associated with part -time job.Perhaps the biggest right hook is Bocchi circulating outside the meeting place, because for God, what if other people are not there yet, and she attracts attention, entering alone and everyone will look at her, and God for God, the fuck was a mistake, I should have beento come up with an excuse why I couldn’t do it and stayed at home watching TV after stopping

So yes, you can honestly say that she struck close to the house and much like a watamote almost ten years ago, to be honest, it could be too much if the series was not extremely funny all the time. A lot of it comes down to the presentation: although it is an adaptation of a 4-native comic, you will never get to know it after jokes are presented and delivered, and each conversation passes through jokes and dialogues so smoothly that the whole episode may pass before it passes before You will know. Bocchi’s imagination are devoted to a stylized, artistic jam, from fantastic fields of flowers flowing into lava to a lawsuit condemning her to death for a crime of bad customer service. There are a million random details, such as the side corner of Bocchie, which gives a random sound effect, or a flying saucer jumping from Nijiki pony, which are not absolutely necessary, but they cause the greatest smile on my face, whenever I think about them. Not to mention Bocchi’s legendary face game. All this leads to the fact that something that can be a really depressing surface becomes one of the funniest television programs of the year.

This balance of stupidity and pessimism is the key for everything to work, honestly, because one of the things that make Bocchi so close is that her problems are not easy to overcome. The fact is that dealing with serious social anxiety is a process that can take the rest of your life. I am an adult who has spent almost ten years working in customer service, talking every day with random strangers, and I still have moments when I am worried that the cashier will judge me when I check out, or terrifying people if I start a conversation first. Having supporting friends and strong motivation to change certainly helps, but this is not a medicine – everything that will make our girlfriend a social superstar in just a few episodes. But although the experience sucks, it creates a great tension in the narrative, because we want to see the moment when Bocchi can look through the wall for a moment and see the daylight.

Speaking as a musical nerd, I would also like to see how more playing on the guitar, but for now I am satisfied with a series delving into the culture and structure of live music. Details, such as Starry, technically speaking, being a restaurant, because obtaining a permit for music activities is much more complicated, or the way they download in advance for tickets for drinks, instead of exchanging cash inside, they just brought me back Until the weekends, when I waited in a queue in front of local bars, trying to start a chat with anyone who was in front of me until they finished the test of sound inside. Only someone was missing who placed a large x on the back of the teenager before they could enter. In the background there is a funny number of legally different j-rock posters and syndrome names that I can’t even decipher. their. The whole atmosphere and appearance of Starry is so characteristic of countless bars and places where I saw random bands, and really sells this experience, even when Kessoku Band does not touch its instruments.

All in all, it’s just a stupidly charming production that kidnapped my heart and did not give up so far.My only complaint is that getting stuck so much in the Bocchi brain space filled with cortisol means that we haven’t received much from supporting characters yet, and they all seem really cool.Ryu was created to play bass, and her deadly serious humor is a great complement to the crazy internal Bocchi monologue.We haven’t met our singer yet, but it certainly seems funny and I am excited, seeing Bocchi trying to make contact with someone as alive as it seems.Besides, if they wanted to have an older sister Nijika nearby, I wouldn’t complain.* cough*


Bocchi The Rock!He is currently broadcasting to Crunchyroll.