Bocchi rock!Episode No. 02

In this episode, Kessoku-the first team has their first meeting at Starry Live House, which was owned by the Ijich family.

While they get to know each other, Nijika ijii told everyone that they will take part in the part -time working as a team maintenance is quite expensive, especially when Starry is really harsh when it comes to achieving a certain limit for each live performance.So if the team has not reached the limit of participants, the team will have to pay.

For Hitori, “Bocchi-chan” Gotou does not want to work part-time, because he has social anxiety, like some Shouko Komi.

In fact, he doesn’t even see the client eye to eye, making a strange face like a scare.

Finally, Hitori Gotou will be sentenced to death for the same strange face and social anxiety.

Honestly, I feel bad for Bocchi-chan because he has problems communicating with other people.

However, instead of overcoming these obstacles, Hitori Gotou decides to pretend to be a disease in the hope that he will not be called to work.

Unfortunately, the Bocchi-chan methods did not work, because they do not catch a cold or there is no fever after a cold bath.And seriously, he can’t just remain an introvert forever.

Now let me introduce you to Seika Ijii, the older sister of Nijiki who manages the club.By the way, Seika-san won’t hurt anyone!

Unfortunately, Bocchi-chan speaks differently when he is really afraid to talk to a stranger.Someone has to save Hitori Gotou, because he smashes his hives off home!

It is good that Nijik Ijichi and Ryo Yamada came to support her, although the real challenge will start when Starry Live House is opened for business.

Seriously, it’s a full room in which various bands give an amazing show.I have to say that Kessoku Band will soon have to strengthen his game if he wants to have a concert full of music!

But now let’s go back to Hitori Gotou, where the client asked her for a cup of orange juice.Come on Bocchi-chan, now you have the chance to show your things instead of bumping like an idiot.

In any case, it seems that Bocchi-chan managed to give a drink to the client, although I think she should behave like natural, instead of showing a terrifying face.But hey, this is the beginning for this introvert!

Even Nijika and Ryo-chan are impressed by Hitori on the first day in Starry Live House.However, this is just the beginning for Bocchi-chan, where he must overcome his social anxiety until the guitarist can face the crowd without having to hide under the box.

In addition, it seems that Bocchi-chan got a fever after taking a part-time work for one day.I must say that she should never take a cold bath again!

In any case, see the next time, where Kessoku Band will have to find a singer as soon as possible.But seriously, I really liked watching the strange faces of Hitori in this episode!

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