Bocchi rock!Episode No. 03

Here is Hitori “Bocchi-chan Gotou, where although she joined the team and got a part-time job at Starry Live House, she still can’t communicate with his peers.Poor Bocchi-chan …


And speaking of Hitori Gotou, it looks like she saw someone who is an extrovert other than she.

This is Ikuyo Kita, who is a good singer and not to mention being a relaxed girl who can communicate well with classmates.It is really unfortunate that Hitori Gotou could not become an extrovert like Kita-san.

And so Bocchi-chan expresses his frustration when he can’t communicate with anyone.Maybe a talented musician, but Hitori Gotou feels lonely today …

Fortunately, Ikuyo Kita is approaching Hitori Gotou, where she is hypnotized with his voice and the skills of playing the guitar, so Kita-San asked Gotou to teach her to play the guitar.

Seriously, Hitori Gotou cannot say no “Ikuyo Kita because it shines clearly compared to her.

Of course, there is one problem, because Hitori has a part -time job, so he must first deal with it before he gives Ikuyo free guitar lessons.Oh, and one more thing …

Their guitar lesson will take place in Starry Live House, where Nijik Ijii is waiting for them.

Unfortunately for Ikuyo Kita, he doesn’t want to go to this club because Kita-San has bad memories there.

Oh, what about these bad memories?It turns out that she escaped from Kessok Band because she was not a good guitarist.Really interesting.

Unfortunately, Kita-San can no longer run, because there is not only Nijik Ijichi, but also Ryo Yamada, to which she brought a lot of energy drinks today.

Well, that’s all thanks to Bocchi-chan, where she told them to buy some energy drinks, because tonight will be an Edm party.In addition, they are too young to drink energy drinks, otherwise they may die.

In any case, it seems that Ikuyo Kita apologized for the escape, but neither Yamada nor Ijichi are angry at her because they are happy that Kita-San is returning to the band.

Of course, not to take the guitar lessons right away, because Seika ijichi wants Ikuyo Kita to take part -time work at the club, wearing a maid outfit.

Okay, it seems that Nijiki’s older sister is in this episode a fetish maid, but Ikuyo Kita does not care about her outfit, because he can easily serve customers.Man, I feel that she is the main heroine of this program.

As for Hitori Gotou, it seems to be reduced to the supporting form, when Bocchi-chan closes in the garbage bin and lamenting over his existence with a depressing song.

Ok Bocchi-chan, please don’t die, because you still have a few episodes to change!Come on, it’s not over until it ends!

Fortunately, Ryo Yamada and Nijik Ijichi managed to regain Bocchi’s senses because they need it not as a guitarist, but also an expensive friend.

Now another night as a live house ended when Ikuyo Kita goes away.And unfortunately, he will not come back, because Kita-San does not deserve to be in the team, given that he is not talented when it comes to playing the guitar.

This is also another reason she joined the team.First of all, and then escape, because Ikuyo will come into love someone else.Don’t worry, it will be revealed much later …

For now, it seems that Hitori Gotou does not want Ikuyo Kita to leave, although I hope that Bocchi-chan is fine, because it hurt a lot because of this strange accident at the exit.

But talking about Bocchi-chan, she convinces Ikuyo Kita to join the team, because, contrary to what she said earlier, Kita-San tries to teach the guitar as best as possible.I am glad that Hitori Gotou is talking about Ikuyo Kita.

Oh yes, here is Ryo Yamada, where Kita-san will help in everything, from meeting the concert hall limit to guitar lessons.

For Ikuyo Kita she is happy that in addition to Hitori Gotou will help her Ryo Yamada.By the way, I have to inform you that Kita-San will crush on Yamad because she is the coolest girl in the city.

In any case, it seems that Kessoku Band now has a singer with the addition of Ikuyo Kita.Still, I wonder why he can’t play the guitar at all?

Oh, it looks like she brought the wrong instrument that is not a guitar, but a six -month bass, because Ikuyo made a serious mistake.

It seems that Kita-San will have to sell her instrument in exchange for the purchase of a guitar.In any case, see you next time!

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