Bocchi The Rock Episode 2: Loneliness part -time

What adventures were waiting for her with our restless heroine in the band?Did she dare take another step forward?

I know that her nickname is Bocchi, but to avoid Bocchim’s mistake, I will call her Hitori.So we joined Hitori for some reason, taking a bath in an icy bathtub for 20 minutes.We will soon find out why.

-Hitori learned the difference between loneliness and loner.Ryo is a loner, so he is not a companion to which you can fault.

-Hitori does not like songs that cause her “Seishun complex”, or songs with happy, cheerful lyrics that remind her of everything she wants, but I can’t (yet).

-There was a guitarist in the band who mysteriously disappeared.Hitori thought she could be a related soul, but she remembered that her first performance on the stage was in a box.

A great thing again.Next time we can learn more about the red -haired member of the main cast, who will most likely become the band’s main singer.