Bocchi The Rock Episode 2 Preview released

Bocchi The Rock music animation published images of the preview of the second episode of the series.When three girls find out that there is a limit of live performances, someone starts working part -time to earn money and continue their business as a team.Episode 2 Bocchi The Rock will be broadcast on October 15 and can be viewed in Crunchyroll.

Bocchi The Rock – Pictures of episode 2

Studio Cloverworks produces a music series.Directed by Keichiro Saito, and scripts write Erika Yoshida.Kerorira is the main director of the animation, as well as the designer of the character, while Kikuya Tomoki composes music.The main cast included Yoshino Aoyama as Hitori Goto, Sayumi Suzushiro as Nijik Ijichi, Saku Mizuno as Rymada and Ikumi Hasegawa as Ikuyo Kita.

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Bocchi The Rock (stylized as Bocchi The Rock!) Aki Hamaji.Serialization began in 2017 at Manga Time Kirara Max Hubunsha.Crunchyroll broadcasts episode 2 and describes the series as:

Hitori Gotoh, “Bocchi-chan”, is a girl who is so introverted and shy in relation to people that she always started talks with “Ah …” at high school she began playing the guitar, wanting to join the band because she thought that It can be an opportunity for even someone as shy as she shone. But because she had no friends, she practiced the guitar for six hours every day. After she was a talented guitarist, she sent to the Internet movies on which she plays the guitar, under the name “Guitar Hero” and fantasized about a performance at a concert of a cultural festival at her school. But not only could not find any teammates before she realized, she was in high school and she was still unable to find a single friend! She was very close to closing, but one day Nijik Ijii, drummer Kessok Band, reached out to her. For this reason, her daily life began to change gradually …


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