Bodacious Space Pirates – Episode 22

Hey people, welcome back in Wrong Every Time.Today I thought that we would return to fearless cosmonauts from Bodacious Space Pirates, who recently served as the protection of the 19th nimble perimeter.Marika did a great job as the head of security, despite the fact that she was also technically the main reason why they needed protection (because future bandits were much more interested in her pirate license than disturbing the dingy race at high school).But the real Master of Nebula Cup was undoubtedly AI-chan, who managed to maneuver the enemy when piloting the ship intended to explore the coast and clearly proved that he is the best potential Bentmenmar fighter.

Nebula Cup also served as the first arch, which fully integrated the professional dimensions and yachtclub Space Pirates, eventually fulfilling the promise of the “hardened pirate crew must work with a group of spontaneous teenagers.”I would like to see more when we enter our alleged last act, but I will undoubtedly be enchanted by every unusual adventure that this gang is dealing with.Marika showed that she is a great captain, she has a wide range of charming eccentrics next to him, and the cosmos rises above her, promising wealth and miracles that you can’t imagine.Let’s move!

Episode 22

“Sea of ​​the morning star. As in the case of most newly inhabited planets, when generations have passed and the population increased, relations with his supervisor, a star alliance, deteriorated. We all know and love this original farsighted perspective. While most stories are satisfied with struggling with human nature in the context of one generation and several characters (which is understandable, because in this way an intimate human drama is created), Bodacious Space Pirates regularly indicates the reality that our behavior on the macro scale is in most predictable. The new colonies will remain loyal to their creators as long as they depend on them, but when the living memory disappears and stable culture develops, they will naturally strive for greater independence, and their population has now established an identity that goes beyond their original alliance. The narrative view on history is prioritized by individual characters who have made dramatic changes, but the economic or sociological view on history tends to emphasize reliable mass trends

This story also changes an ordinary anime trend regarding the unbelievable but rejoiced building of the world.Instead of “pirates exist because pirates are cool”, Bodacious Space Pirates tries to emphasize that these specific brand lists are a specific reflection of a specific set of political circumstances, which at this moment shifted from the strategic necessity to capricious cultural heritage

We present a new pirate ship, Silver Fox, along with the main crew … all older gentlemen with gray -haired hair.Damn, bodiacous space pirates

These guys actually look a bit like the standard of old man Leiji Matsumoto

Suddenly a much bigger enemy attacks!

I love this transition from “Frack all the weapon!”to a distant approach to muffled explosions in space.It really emphasizes the loneliness and scale of fighting in space and how easy the ship can simply disappear here

It seems that the ship has been attacked by pirate hunters.Interestingly, considering that pirates are basically only a mix of artists and legal mercenaries – who would be offended by what they are doing now?

The bowl informs us that there are over two hundred pirate fleets, but not all are armed.Presumably many of them are used only for transport or entertainment;They resemble drivers more than thieves

But it was during the war, and their number decreased to about a third because

Marika reached another key threshold as a captain.A general threat to Bentmenmar was asked to outline the reaction plan to this general threat.She had to take over many responsibilities very quickly, but the crew continued to do a great job, gradually expanding their duties, from directing the approach to some business operation to the actual deciding what operations will take more generally

She explains the whole situation with perfect brightness, then announces that she has a plan in the case of potential attacks of pirate hunters.Marika demonstrates two key aspects of captaining pirates: the ability to think strategic and avoid small things, and a funny, ingenious spirit that makes her allies confident, and the enemies guess the enemies

“I heard that Ririka has a pilot license for large ships.”Well, it’s a detail that will certainly not appear later

“See you in space.”I love that this is just a conventional farewell in this world

“The past is the past, and now it is now.”Marika maintains an extraordinary balance while the show complains about her bad grades.Marika’s confidence is even more important, given her age;He must constantly prove with his behavior that the whole situation is not a joke and that a high school student can actually serve as a reliable pirate captain

Apparently Lynn gave the reins to the president of the Marika yacht club too.I mean, at this moment, the yacht club is largely a class of advanced space piracy, so I suppose it makes sense

I like how the Marika messenger takes the form of an old -fashioned analog pocket watch.If all your real functions are served by holographic HUD, I suppose you can make the messenger take any physical form.I imagine an post-scholar era in which the form and function of messengers no longer have to be connected with each other

Caine and Marika spend a private moment while traveling outside the world, where Marika admits that it can still be difficult to talk naturally with a guy who has changed from teacher to a subordinate.No more nonsense like during Nebula training

“What will you do after graduating?Will you get to Bentmenmar from the Sea of the Morning Star, will you become a real sailor?It is true that Kaine still treats Marika completely differently than the rest of her crew members, apparently still not judging whether he is really suitable for the captain or not.And as a helmsman, many other crew members succumb to him, which means that the two who developed comfortable trust would basically mean the final confirmation of Marika as a captain

To be honest, distrust of Marika is something that Kaine probably considers personal responsibility.The other crew members are talented, but carefree and would accept Marika, even if it was not worth it;Caine is here to make sure they get the captain worthy of their trust

Marika’s plan is revealed: their mission of renewing the license will actually rely on serving as an escort on another pirate ship so that they can join forces against pirate hunters, if everything goes wrong

Hyakume raises a surprisingly sharp point: performing such a mission is an inseparable risk, because only the relative independence of pirates stops government forces from attacking them.If they start cooperating, they risk that they will become a threat that is worth eliminating

The captain of the pirates with whom they cooperate is amazing.His aesthetics ranks somewhere between the caveman and the Dundee crocodile

“Nobody can beat us.Is anyone in space so strong?Of course, the alarm follows immediately.This captain has no narrative skills of announcements

And of course, he immediately charges forward when the enemy appears.Well, Marika can only do enough to explain that her colleagues are idiots

The enemy ship looks amazing – all smooth blue lines and sharp, sharp angles.His aesthetics seems to be modern by nature

Uses the gravity control engine to fly like a fighter, flooding the escort target with lasers

Suddenly another huge ship appears!And he rides on it … A man in a gunbuster pose!?What’s happening!?!

And ready

Oh hell, we’re really in it!This is certainly the most direct danger he has experienced so far, and to be honest, I can’t imagine how Marika would come out of it without unexpected support.The traditionally subdued approach of this series to resolving conflicts left me completely unprepared for the great, damn cosmic battle, but now the escort of our heroes lies in the ruins, and the ship, apart from scientific ideas, is ready to destroy them.Marika has always had skills or support necessary to gracefully overcome every professional obstacle – but here, in the middle of a great cosmic battle, I can’t wait when she struggles with the conflict, which clearly exploded outside its control.

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