Bridge Hollow curse: What is the date and time of release on Netflix?

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The Bridge Hollow curse will soon be available on Netflix.

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Everything about the premiere of the film

, read on!New paintings are already promising a funny movie in Halloween, because each of them shows characters in different thematic zones and situations.You can find everything you need to know about new products on Netflix here.

In one of the photos, Wayans and Ferguson have nervous faces when they look at someone outside the frame.Ferguson’s outfit indicates that what they are dealing with takes place on Halloween night.On the other hand, the characters Lauren Lapkus and Kelly Rowland enjoy something that seems to be a kind of event in the city, taking into account their surroundings.

Both are also in the Halloween spirit when they dress.Netflix trailer presents the rest of the young cast.The heroine of Ferguson, Sydney, spends time with friends.Her surroundings suggest that her city really loves Halloween.Now I will tell you everything about it!

Premiere of Curse of Bridge Hollow on Netflix!

What is the date and time of the release of the Bridge Hollow curse on Netfliks?

Waiting does not last long.

The release date of The Haunting of Bridge Hollow

It was set up on October 14, 2022 on Netflix.For the impatient premiere

Hollow bridge curse

He was set to 9:01 on Netflix in Spain!

What can we expect from a movie?


Bridge Hollow curse

He tells us that “Father and his teenage daughter are forced to join forces and save their city after a malicious ancient spirit brings Halloween decorations to life and wreak havoc.ยป