Broccoli, Tis Creation establishes a gaming brand for women

In the first design of the brand is the director of Asahi Takamura, Riri illustrator, Ringo Kazura writer

Broccoli announced on Friday that he cooperates with Tis Creation to create a new game brand called Licobits addressed to women.The new brand will develop games simulating otome romance.

Broccoli will bring his experience in developing content and transforming this content into anime, consoles, card games, CDs, gadgets and figurines.TIS Creation will bring his experience in creating games directed to women and creative staff, which deals with planning characters, 2D illustrations and writing scripts.

The new brand will present its first project in the December edition of the Kadokawa LOG magazine, October 20.Asahi Takamura directs the game, Riri provides illustrations, and Ringo Kazura writes the script.Licobits will reveal more information in the February issue of the same magazine on December 20.

Broccoli is known from the Utrano series ☆ Princessama, which includes games and anime, as well as the recently published visual novel by Jacek Jeanne.Other franchises of the company are di Giry and Z/x Zillions enemy X.

Tis creation was


In January with the creators who previously worked in Design Factory.