Bubble – a shiny shell filled with air

Titles: Bubble Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Drama, Romance Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutesstudio:


5 years ago, Tokyo changed forever.Five years ago, the beautiful rain of bubbles fell on the city, and then in the blink of the eye of Tokyo we know, there was no longer.Explosions and gravitational distortions made the city difficult to recognize and even more difficult to live.For some time, scientists from around the world flooded them, trying to find out what happened, but when the secret turned out to be too difficult to solve, they moved on.Now what was once Tokyo is home only for those who cannot find home elsewhere.The orphans of disasters that spend all day navigating after dangerous ruins are still full of gravitational anomalies and try to put together what happened and what we are doing now.Hibiki is such an orphan who never really knew how to live.But with the arrival of a mysterious Uty, everything will change.

I remember watching a crazy short trailer of the Bubble game and I thought it was beautiful.When the initial inscriptions of the film were displayed, I also noticed that it was written by Gen Urobuchi, so my expectations increased slightly.It was probably a mistake …


I will try to give this meaning.I don’t really like Bubble artistic style.It’s not bad at all, it’s just personal preferences.Both character models and to some extent backgrounds are not really my visual matter.What’s more, I am a bit disappointed that, taking into account the possibilities of creating really spectacular backdrops, given the story of the bubble, they adopted a rather general post -apocalyptic look, in which only the bubbles themselves add something new.

However, I choose design elements here.The fact is that I can say that the artistic style is not my case, and environmental projects seemed too boring for this story, but I also thought that Bubble was beautiful.Really great -looking anime with breathtaking animation.I have no problem to recommend this film exclusively for the pleasure of production.He is lush and impressive.Sometimes the colors are captivating and I like how it uses colors to create a mood.My screenshots do not reflect it fairly, it looks better.

History and characters

Bubble tries to be a modern version of a small mermaid with an environmental message added.Not a little Disney mermaid, but the original depressing little mermaid.And on paper it is not a bad idea, right?Many fairy tales have these very gloomy results and morally dubious messages that have been cleaned over time and may be interesting that the new generation discovered them.

The original little mermaid has a bit of a Christian, let’s call their motifs … It’s part of the story that only people have souls, so Syrena turns into foam when the prince marries someone else.Oh, and the prince is 100% in love with someone else, because sirens do not have souls, and he can’t even speak, so it’s a bit boring.I read somewhere that it was a warning, so stupid young girls don’t try to dream outside their station.What’s more, only God can give you a soul and you should not try to oppose his plans.Something like that.

Regardless of what you personally think about this message, over time it has been a bit lost and I think that they can certainly be turned into an interesting, bad contemporary fairy tale.Maybe he just tried to make Bubble.But I can’t really say.

The message in Bubble is slightly torn apart and too uncertain to put a big influence.You just drift with the changing motivations of the characters in beautiful science-fiction scenery and you hope you won’t drown.It seems that in this story there is something like a vengeful God, because the bubble mind, which is responsible for all disasters and deaths, also seems to be very offended very quickly.But they are also sisters, so it’s basically only a thread about sisters giving hair for a dagger, whose siren can use to kill the prince and save his own life if he falls in love with someone else.

However, we were never really told about the stake or initiating the incident of this story.Hibiki as a young boy is isolated because of hypersensitivity to sound (it can also be with autism spectrum).For this reason, on the day of the incident, he is the only one to hear a song coming out of the bubble and create a kind of combination.Then all other bubbles go crazy and dive in Tokyo.We don’t know why.We also do not know why the bubble has become a girl or what the restrictions on her transformation are.For example, or may become a girl again in the future.Nothing of that.

It seems that she loses her form every time Hibiki touches her, but that’s all.Basically, the magical system of this story is completely unexplained, which can make you think that writers did not bother at all to create such a story.

It made it difficult for me to worry about what was going too deep, because the consequences seemed accidental.I do not know the influence of the event, so I just sit passively and wait for the story to tell me and then go to the next one.

This is the lack of adequate emotional arrangement, which really bogs in Bubble.And I think that the main characters are a bit boring, but the fact that an emotional blow is hit with a knee is a huge problem.

I should probably say that I don’t like this type of story.I mean a certain trail in the fiction of presenting a character, which is often physically better than average, but it is so “innocent” that it resembles children and even animals.They can be very strong, often beautiful and capable of feats, which most of which do not have, but at the same time are helpless.The main character must teach them everything and basically raise them.

For now, this is not my favorite trail, but I think that in some situations it works well.However, when you introduce an element of romance, as it often happens, I personally seem to me that I associated it with the concept of seduction and it just annoys me.This is a problem with my personal perception, not the trail itself.However, this makes stories such as a small mermaid, and in this case a bubble, are really difficult for me to admire.Therefore, I can be a little more difficult in this movie than I should.However, I try to put aside my personal prejudices.

There is no place here, but in this film the names are really on the nose.

At the end of the day, I think that the best part of Bubble is a great animation and I think it is more likely that it will succeed despite its history than thanks to it.

You may like the anime if:

You prefer anime movies from series and you want something that looks great.

My favorite character:

Of course Makoto!

Suggested drink:

Black velvet

(it’s beer and champagne!)

Every time a bubble appears – try it every time Hibiki hears music – drink every time there is a close -up of his eyes – drink a sip every time someone says “siren” – drink every time Battlekour -Doping every time bubbles Uta up – not every time the cast shares the meal – get snacks every time they drink beer – join them every time the galaxy model appears – Ooohhhhza every time they mention the lionMrówce – drink a sip

I save all screenshots on mine


, and if you are interested, you will find more there.But I still like to show you a few in the post.If you are similar to me, screenshots are something that really helps you decide to see anime or not.