Burger King Japan is looking for Anya from the Spy X family to try their new burger

Spy X Family became a hit from the first anime cycle, which was broadcast at the beginning of this year.They all became fans of Anya, a charming girl reading in anime’s mind.Many large companies have been associated with Anya to strengthen their own brands.This time Anya is drawn to Burger King of Japan.

The official Fast Food franchise account on Twitter posted posters on Twitter asking Anya to join them for a snack.

They hung up posters in Akihabara, Shimokita and Shibuya.The reason for placing the poster is given in the above tweet.However, if you are not a Japanese, this is a translation for you.

Message in English:

Road Anya-sama,

Here is Burger King.nice to meet you!

In fact, we are big fans of Anyi-sama, so we have prepared a special burger for her.

His name is Peanut Butter Royale!

There are a lot of peanuts inside!

They will be on sale from October 21.

Come at least once and try.


We have also prepared several goods from a limited edition!We are such a vacuum !!

Yes, all these efforts so that Anya can have her newly introduced peanut burger butter royale, which contains a lot of peanuts.And as we all know, “Anya Peanuts Ga-Tsuki!”Therefore, it makes sense that they contact Anya.

It was previously announced that the second episode of the anime would start on October 1, 2022.

Spy X The first episode of anime for the family

He had 12 episodes and was broadcast from April 9 to June 25, 2022. Wit Studio and Cloverworks dealt with the animation.Three times in a row, in May, June and July 2022, it became the most watched anime in Japan.

The series directed Kazuhiro Furuhashi, Kazuaki Shimada took care of the designs of the character, and the music was produced by [K] Now_name.

The cast of the series is:

Takuya eguchi as loid forgeetsumi Tanse as ana Forgeerhiroyuki yoshino as Franky Franklinyuk Kaida as Sylvia Sherwoodkazuhiro Yamaji as Henry Hendersonnatsumi Fujiwar as Emikaren Ka Desto as Becky Blackbellhana sato as Emile Elmanharka as Egen Egeber.

Spy × Family

is a Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by

Tatsuya endo

.Since March 2019, it has been broadcast in episodes every two weeks in the Shueisha application and website

Shōnen Jump

+, and the chapters were collected in nine volumes of Tankōbon from April 2022.

Over 350 manga has been exceeded.millions of readings on the digital platform

Shonen Jump+

.Since August 2022, the series has over 25 million copies in circulation.

VIZ Media has a license to release a series in English in North America.

Source: Twitter.