Call of the night – troublesome

Titles: Song of the Night Walkers, Night Owl Song species: Supernatural, romance, a piece of life, comedyers: 13studio:


Kou Yamori is just a boy.An average normal boy.He has decent grades and several friends.He is a bit gloomy and introverted, but hey, these are teenagers, right?And he lives a completely normal life.He goes to school, returns home and talks to people in class.And he is bored.But not only bored like normal people, he is so bored that he can’t find energy to be normal and do normal things.He doesn’t understand love, he almost doesn’t understand friendship anymore and he doesn’t really know why he should get out of bed.He only knows that wandering at night is a little more interesting.And then he meets Nauna Nanakusa and suddenly things become really interesting!

I have a strange story from Call of the Night.I remember when the translated manga came out for the first time and I intended to get it only on the basis of the cover.I still really like the Call of the Night manga cover.Every time they attract my eye.But several blogs had less than favorable reviews, and because I try not to be so frivolous when my manga purchases, I decided to skip it.However, these covers still called me, and when I saw that the anime was coming out, I thought it was my chance to see what all this is about without waste!

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I love the production of Call of the Night.I’m just doing.The colors are spectacular, especially the background colors.If you pay attention, you will see that they have motives.I don’t have to talk about it, screenshots give a much better idea.Character designs, like all projects, are in line with personal taste, but I love them and are a bit unusual.The eyes falling down are one of the more unusual eye shapes in the anime and I think they have created several striking faces.The animation is liquid, and a few really dynamic action scenes have a very large impact.

And finally, something that I rarely talk about, except when Fire Force is broadcast, framing and visual composition of the scenes are simply wonderful.On one hand, I can count the number of anime that made a deep impression on me with their composition, and Call of the Night is one of them.The slowly developing Nazuna apartment was probably my favorite example.This red sofa is simply brilliant.

Maybe it’s just me …

But he was present everywhere.The camera corners change all the time and are carefully selected.Small fragments of the scenery come to the fore, while others surround the backgrounds to create perfectly selected plaques in which characters can exist.

It’s a really great -looking program and I know that many people don’t care about it, but if you do it, it is a sufficient reason to give a call of the night.

History and characters

If you have not read my countdown to Halloween Post, you may not know that this year I am focusing on the anime Boy Meets “Monster”.Love stories steeped in blood and terror … a bit.The horror is a bit stretched, especially in the case of Call of the Night.If I called anything, a romantic piece of life with vampires in him.

“Romance” can also be a bit pulled

And as I write, the only thing I can say is that Call of the Night was a completely troublesome experience for me.

You see, I watched Call of the Night during the broadcast.And I regularly forgot about it.I did not forget that he was broadcast on Thursday evenings and it ended with watching the episode with a delay of several days or something like that.I forgot that the series exists at all.Someone would mention it and suddenly it was as if I was recovering muffled memories and I realized, yes, there is such anime.And then the same will happen next week.You know how in some myths about vampires they hypnotize you, so you forget that you’ve ever seen them, I think that it was with me.Although this specific trail does not exist in Call of the Night.

But I also liked every episode.Some were of course more funny than others, but I don’t remember a single episode that I would call boring or particularly weak.I had a good time watching them all.And every time I danced to ED.Actually also after.I thought the characters were pleasant enough if they were a little underdeveloped.I admit that maybe I preferred their projects from their characteristics, but it is only because I liked all the projects very much.And every time I remembered that the series existed, I couldn’t wait to watch it.And then we forget about it again.

I told you it’s troublesome!

And now, when the season is over, I’m a bit in the same abyss.If they announce the next season, I will watch it with joy.I will wait for it and take a lot of screenshots.But if not, it’s okay.I will probably forget that I have ever watched this program.

This is a strange place, it’s a vague place between.

I think that one of the reasons why the program failed to make a lasting impression on me, although I really like many ideas from Call of the Night, it is a very meandering performance and does not develop them too much.

For example, one of the basic concepts in the series is that in this universe, to become a vampire, you must first fall in love with a vampire, and then make the vampire suck your blood.I already love this variety of vampires’ myths.I think it’s fantastic, it solves this small, nasty problem that the stories about vampires have about why the world is no longer controlled by vampires and gives them a lot of potential depth.

But how do you define love?

So Kou’s main character decided that he wants to become a vampire.This was not said directly, but it looks like he is actually struggling with depression, and the attractiveness of becoming something new and starting with this completely new life seems to him a form of salvation.But to do this, he must fall in love.And not only at all, he must fall in love with a specific person.He has no idea how to do it and to be honest, I’m not sure either.So he just tries to meet her.

It is also a great new turn in the genre of romantic comedies.This is a will that they won’t do at a completely different angle.They both want to fall in love, but this is not the case.There is such a great potential here to examine exactly how romantic relationships develop and how fiction and media could distort our perception of what they are.

But Call of the Night does not penetrate anything too deeply.It just flows.So you get these wonderful ideas and all implications, some topics and questions appear, and then the program just stays.

I just like this screenshot

As I said, it’s pleasant enough.The actual narrative is cool to drift.But it was never touching or fascinating to really pick me up.It remained nice.

To say, I still think that it is completely worth the West and for me the production compensated for all the weaknesses of the story.And if you have to watch every anime vampire, just like me, Call of the Night is not a bad place to start.

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You may like the anime if:

I think you probably like it, why not?

My favorite character:

Mahiru Seki

– I would like them to give him the right ARC

Suggested drink:

Twilight of love bite

Every time the Nazuna uses an outdated language – drink a sip every time you are called blushes – Awwwwwza is forced every time – coolness every time someone is drunk – drink responsibly share in bed with anyone – take a sip every timeSomeone plays video games – take a sip every time the vampire has no reflection – take a sip every time Kou’s heart beats – check your pulse every time someone is called a pervert – O mine!Someone flies – take a sip and regret that it’s you

I save all screenshots on mine


, and if you are interested, you will find more there.But I still like to show you a few in the post.If you are similar to me, screenshots are something that really helps you decide to see anime or not.