Can USOPP use hooks?How and when did he wake him up?

USOPP is one of the most famous characters from the One Piece Ode Piece series and although he is an indispensable member of the Luffy straw hat crew, he is also – at least in general – known as a coward and one of the weakest characters from the whole series.Despite this, USOPP has a number of interesting skills that have proved useful more than once, but can it use hooks, one of the most important skills in the series?In this article we will answer this question and explain everything you need to know about USOPPA’s powers and abilities.

Od wątku Dressrosa Ussop może używać Kenbunshoku Haki (Obserwacja). Haki), co ma sens, ponieważ jest snajperem załogi. Jego zdolność została potwierdzona, gdy był w stanie zobaczyć aury Luffy’ego, Lawa i Sugar, którzy byli w królewskim pałacu, ze starego Królewskiego Płaskowyżu w pobliżu Koloseum Corrida, który znajdował się w dużej odległości. Jest to podstawowa zdolność wykrywania obecności

Kenbunshoku Haki


The rest of this article will tell you everything about the abilities of the USOPPA hooks, and also present a general review of its power and ability.Some spoilers may be present, but USOPP is quite an intriguing figure and we want to provide you with as much information as possible;That is why we warn you if you are not fully up to date with all events in the series,

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Can USOPP use hooks?How and when did he awaken her?

Haki is one of the most powerful and complex techniques in One Piece and not all characters can use it;The number of characters that can use all three types of hooks is even smaller because it is a very rare feat.Now we know that only the most powerful figures of One Piece use hooks and we also know that USOPP is not one of the most powerful figures in One Piece.So can USOPP use hooks?Maybe really!

During the dressing action, fearing that he will forever forget Luffy because of Sugar’s power, he first manifests an observation haki when he manages to review Luffy’s aura, lava and Sugar.The wall is over 3 kilometers away.It happened in episode 697, which adapted chapter 758 manga.So what happened in this story?

Luffy leaves Daman with Kyros, while he and Law are preparing to meet Doflamingo.Damante says that he will not let them go, and Kyros replies that he is his opponent.When Kyros says this, Luffy talks to Rebecca and tells her that he is happy because of her because she found her father for the first time.Luffy is preparing to leave when Rebecca asks him if he really intends to defeat Doflamingo.

Luffy replies that his real name is not Lucy (Rebecca knew him as Lucy before), but Luffy and claims that he would be the new king of pirates.Damante is then angry with Luffy and Lawa and pulls his sword to attack, but Law uses Room and Shambles knocks a hole in the wall of the palace and enters the terror of Diamante.

Luffy states that lava power was useful for him, but Law states that the use of this power consumed a lot of energy of his body, which was not in good condition, because Doflamingo hit him with lead balls.However, the agent of the Donquixote family warns against the arrival of Luffy and Lawa to the Sugar Palace, who in despair wants revenge for losing her army of soldiers, which she created ten years ago and that they liquidated her in the blink of an eye.

He plans to change Luffy and Law into toys, and thus erase their existence.On the royal plan, Usopp tells his team about the return of Sugar’s return.He remembers how he forgot about Robin when she was turned into a toy, and if he touched Luffy, he will forget about her too.He is ready to make any price to protect his captain from Sugar, but Kanjuro asks him how he can handle it, because the palace is far away, and Luffy and Sugar are inside.

USOPP replies that he has no choice because they do not react to Den Den Mushi, prepares his kabuto and is ready to fulfill his role as a sniper of stamp hats, providing support from afar.Kin’Emon asks if there is any way he can help, and Riku tells Hack and Lepanto to protect usoppa and himself from the crowd, who tries to buy him enough time, but also asks them not to hurt people.

Usopp prepares its shot with the help of Viola’s power when the crowd reaches the top of the board.The crowd is preparing to capture Riku, Viola, Kin’emon and God Usopp and takes them to Doflamingo, Kin’emon offers his help against them.Since then, Sugar turns to Luffy and Law, the elders are wondering who she is.

When Riku unsuccessfully tries to stop the crowd, Viola leads Usoppa to the location of Luffy, Lawa and Sugar.Kabuto aims to the lower part of the palace window, Sugar is approaching and is close to Luffy and Law, USOPP aims at her, determined not to lose his captain.Not wanting Sugar disturbing, USOPP is preparing to launch his big black kabuto, when suddenly he realizes with shock that he sees Aura Luffy, Law and Sugar.

When the crowd approaches him, Usopp finally fires its worm.The crowd gets USoppa, but the only thing they can’t think about is the ball trajectory.Knowing that there is a light wind in the back, Usopp put on two gunpowder boosters to help him shoot and let him go further, and made sure that the external covers would decrease so that his strings will definitely hit Sugar.

He knew, however, that he would have to guess, but his bullet was unique because the shot was to cause an injury.This becomes visible when it turns out that the blow is a replica of Usopp’s expression, which hit Sugar for the first time.It works, and Sugar once again falls into fear of losing consciousness.This shocks the servants of the Donquixote family and confuses Luffy and Law, when the face of the USOPPA missile is absorbed by the wall and becomes a drawing, and it turns out that the bullet was a drawing made by Kanjuro.

After returning to the king’s palace, Viola congratulates the USOPP’s shot and it turns out that the crowd managed to tie all the goals, but the arrival of Viola made them shock.Viola claims that Luffy and Law managed to reach Doflamingo.During this time, Luffy and Law face Doflamingo and Trebol, and the unconscious Bellamy lies on the ground.Warlord asks them why they came and they both answer that they came to beat him.Doflamingo seems to express your disappointment.

What skills Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki) can use USOPP?

Kenbunshoku Haki or observation hooks, called mantra on heavenly islands, allow their users to predict immediate movements of their opponents and detect their presence all the time, even if they are hidden or too far to be seen in a natural way.This is one of the most basic hooks in the series and is more practical than powerful, although it can be the best choice in certain situations.There are many techniques that an observation hook can use, but USOPP, if you know, can only use one – basic sensation of presence.

The most common use of this hooks is undoubtedly the user’s ability to “feel” the presence of what surrounds him (which includes the presence of people around the user, the environment …).Rayleigh teaches us that if someone is an expert in this type of hooks, they can “see” other people, even if they are hidden or too far to be seen in a natural way.

But we do not see them in detail (for example, physical features are unknown).So Issho, who mastered this hooks, cannot guess the features of Luffy.People are recognized by the “aura”, which is created on a dark background, for example when USOPP aims at Sugar or like ISsho eyes see the world.

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