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Candy-a murder in Texas, a mini-series carried by Jessica Biel is now available on Disney+.But will there be a second season?Warning, spoilers …

Candy – Murder in Texas is a five -episode series available on Disney+.

Tells the story of an exemplary mother and a loving wife

Candy Montgomery

.She is suspected of murdering one of her close friends,

Betty Gore

, for strange reasons.Harbinger!

Candies have a very aesthetic vintage, the series takes place in the 1980s, in the middle of the vast suburbs of the deep south of the United States.

Candy Montgomery, anti -heroine of the series, confused and worried character, is embodied by

Jessica Biel

It suits his artistic resurrection in The Sinner in 2017.

Jealousy and betrayal are the heart of this series, which is the background for an intriguing thriller.

What about season 2?

Thoughtful, designed and advertised as a miniserial – understand the story spread over several episodes – candies will not have the second season.

Indeed, the narrative frame begins and ends at the end of these five episodes broadcast in Disney+.

An effective way to condense this message in a serial story without length and beauty.

It also seems that all the source material, especially regarding the Candy process, was used to develop the entire investigation as possible in the Betty murder.

Candy Montgomery is therefore beautiful and well classified.

Another adaptation that will come

If the candy file is now closed in Disney+, and since the second season will not see the light of day, fans can calm down … there will be a second service.

Indeed, the American HBO channel is planning to soon release its own miniseries about the Candy Montgomery scandal.

Temporarily entitled love and death in this program will appear

Elizabeth Olsen

-Yes, yes, scarlet witch of the-in candy i

Lily Rabe

in Betty.For now, Love and Death does not yet have a fixed release date.

A case that has not completed the fascination of America and viewers around the world.