Candy: What do we know about Betty Gore’s death?ax, etc.

Discover everything about the death of Betty Gore in Candy’s real life!

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If you want to know

how Betty Gore died

, read on!Montgomery and Gore were so close that on the day Candy Montgomery caused the death of Betty Gore, her children spent the day together, taken to the city by Montgomery herself.To find out what is happening with children today, come here.

Even during Candy Montgomery with Allan Gore, he continued his friendship with

Betty Gore.

A month before delivery, she arranged a party for a pregnant woman at dinner in a church choir.Both women were devoted members of the Lucas Methodist Choir, and because their lives were around the church, they were often connected by ties.

But friendship turned into hatred in the last moments of life

Betty Gore.

Candy Montgomery said that

Betty Gore

She followed Candy ax after her affair with Allan was discovered.We will tell you everything about

Betty Gore’s death!

What happened on the day Betty Gore died?

In the laundry at 410 Dogwood Street,

Betty Gore

She was found lying in a puddle of her own blood.

Betty Gore

has been stabbed 41 times, almost mutilated,


one meter long.The right side of her face, like the parts of the limbs, disappeared completely, but even more puzzling is that her youngest daughter was at home all the time, safe in the bed.her in another room.

Candy Montgomery, to which


After meeting her at the service of the first united Methodist Church of Lucas, she stands behind a brutal and senseless murder.Only after Allan confessed to Candy’s affair a few months before the incident, the authorities were able to find a possible motive.

After Allan confessed to the affair, the authorities arrested Candy for the murder on June 27, 1980. Candy did not plead guilty before dismissal, so the defense strategy was to admit self -defense.To find out what is happening today with Pat Montgomery, come here.

That day

Betty Gore

She confronted Candy about her affair with Allan, according to which he said, which quickly led to a quarrel.Candy then stated that

Betty Gore

He threatened to hit her with an ax he was holding at home.To find out how much the series follows the true story, you will find it here.

According to Candy’s account, during her fight with

Betty Gore

in which both tried to take control of the ax, Candy Montgomery was about to escape from the room.struck

Betty Gore

in the head, pouring blood and found the opportunity to escape, but

Betty Gore

She didn’t let her go.

Something – Candy growled in his head when

Betty Gore

He said “Ciiii”.He entered the attack mode, pulled her ax out of her hands.

Betty Gore

And she dealt 41 blows.28 of them went to the head of Betty Gore.To find out what Candy is doing today, he goes here.

A thirty -year -old said she hadn’t planned anything before.Thus, on October 29, 1980, after conducting a variographical test confirming her testimony, the jury considered Candy innocent.

The death of Betty