Candy: What is happening to Candy and Pat children today?

Find out what is happening today with Candy and Pat Montgomery Kids!

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If you want to know

what is happening today with sweets and kids Pat Montgomery

, read on!The Disney Plus Candy series presents the shocking murder of Texas from the 1980s.Candace “Candy” Montgomery was a housewife and a popular leader in the community of the Methodist Church in Wylie in Texas.

But June 13, 1980

Candy Montgomery

He killed his friend Betty Gore 41 with ax blows in his own home.Later it turned out that Betty Gore discovered Candy Montgomery’s affair with her husband Allan Gore.To find out what happened to Allan Gore today, click here.

Despite the brutality of the incident,

Candy Montgomery

He claimed that he only killed Gore in self -defense.He said that Betty Gore confronted her in this matter and first took their weapons, two women got into her, and then Candy Montgomery killed Betty Gore.Candy was acquitted of allegations of murder in self -defense in October 1980.To find out what’s wrong with Pat Montgomery today, come here.

In all this

Candy and Pat Montgomery

They had two



What is happening today with Candy’s children and Pat Montgomery?

What is happening with Candy and PAT Children of Montgomery today?


Candy and Pat children


Becky and Jason Montgomery

in the original Disney series, but if we know, their

Real names are Jennifer and Ian respectively

.Although it is not clear how old they were at the time of the incident, we know that they were very close with their parents, active in the community and at church events and as happy as they were engaged.To find out what Candy is doing today, go here.

Two Montgomery boys

was mentioned in court during the murder trial


In 1980, but there is no evidence that she was more than a loving mother for them.So, because of this disgrace, shortly after the final acquittal of Candy by the jury, the family packed, said goodbye and moved to the new state, Georgia, where they seem to live in


Jennifer and Ian, when it comes to the current situation

Candy and Pat children

Although over four decades have passed, they prefer to stay beyond the attention center and lead a relatively normal life.Despite this, we can say that they have their own family and are doing very well in their personal and professional life.To find out how much the series follows the true story, you will find it here.

In addition, it does not look like

Candy’s children and Pat Montgomery

they live


In the same city, but it seems that they managed to maintain close relationships not only with each other, but also with their parents.