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Candy – the murder in Texas is a wicked news adaptation, which took place in the 1980s in the United States.We will tell you everything about the real history of the series on Disney+.Warning, spoilers …

Candy – Murder in Texas

This is a miniserial broadcast in Disney+ from October 12, 2022.

Tells the story

Candy Montgomery

she made perfectly

Jessica Biel

Mother without history and a perfect wife.

Except that a murderer is behind this deceptive idyllic appearance.

In fact, a young woman was accused of killing her neighbor and best friend,

Betty Gore

(This is not up!).

We will briefly return to the true history of this message, avoiding spoilers if you haven’t had time to see the program yet.



Betty Gore was murdered cold with about forty ax blows.

Many facts presented in the Candy series actually happened.

Candy Montgomery defended herself against various allegations during the murder trial.

Bad luck for her: the prosecutor at that time decided that forty stuff was too clear to be an ordinary act of self -defense.

Return: Contrary to all adversities, on October 30, 1980, Candy Montgomery was finally acquitted by the jury.

A great surprise for public opinion, which was convinced of his guilt.

Soon another adaptation

What we mentioned in the previous article in the series Candy Montgomery will be entitled to another television adaptation in the future.

Temporarily entitled love and death, this new adaptation, produced by the American channel


, It will contain

Elizabeth Olsen

in the role of Candy.Yes Yes,

Scarlet witch

He runs away for some time

Marvel Cinematic Universe ()

to play an ax in a thriller inspired by this true story.

The history of messages, just like every day, there are many others that fascinate public opinion for over 40 years.

And for you, is Candy Montgomery guilty or innocent?