Capucine Anav before delivery: this charming declaration for her daughter Lola

A few weeks Capucine Anav will experience the joy of becoming a mother.That is why a young woman took the opportunity to tell her granddaughter beautifully.


Nasturtium Anav

will stay

mother for the first time.

Nice news she wanted to share with her community on Instagram in July last year: “I think it’s time to talk to you.After many years, it is no longer tears of sadness, but tears of joy flow on my face.But the best thing I have to tell you today is that I’m not so bad in mathematics …1+1 = 3.#18th in pregnancy. “Since this announcement, a young woman regularly publishes photos of her tummy, which is clearly growing and from which she is very proud.

And she is a little girl named Lola, who will give birth to Capucine.One thing is certain, the former candidate converted into theater already likes it very much, as evidenced by the beautiful statement:

“I have an amazing chance to share my dream of a scene with my daughter …”

Capuchin confides.”It was simply magic to share this beginning of the route at your side of Lola, you do not realize that the memory that you will leave for life in your mother’s heart … Thank you first for the fact that during this period you were a charming little girl andFor giving me a chance to continue the stage and making a movie without complaining!┬╗

Capucine Anav ready for a break in your career

If she is very busy with her career, Capucine Anav is still planning to take a break to take care of the child as it should: “I believe that a few weeks before your arrival

Time Mama took care of you 100%

And she prepared you to come to such a great world.┬╗Fans can be calm, the one that has been revealed in

Secret Story

He is not going to definitely put your passion aside: “If you liked it, I will continue to take you with me in my madness,” he concludes.