Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj parted?This detail that does not bode well, follow us well

The observed revelations about her husband’s infidelity, Kevin Guedja, Carla Moreau, would decide to write on him.

Reminder of facts: Kevin Guedj allegedly betrayed his wife Carla Moreau with another candidate for reality TV, Belle.It was in the last films published by Bastos on his YouTube channel The young woman made these famous revelations.Without a shadow of doubt, he confirms that she had completed

sexual intercourse

with Kevin Guedjem.The facts would take place during the filming of La Bataille des Clans (TFX).The main interested person denies everything from the beginning.Because the beautiful Carla Moreau would be on the edge



It is on the @shayraTV account on Instagram that we can discover that Carla Moreau would decide: “Carla has no anymore

engagement ring

And she removed the name “Carl Guedj” from her biography on Instagram.Did she take a break with Kevin?”The rumor strengthened by the story of @vaarrucos:” From the affair of Belle and Kevin, and even a little before the outbreak of romance, nothing goes hand in hand.For several weeks, Kevin and Carl have been very complicated, the history of fraud has added a layer!Carla recently removed “Carla Guedj” from her biography on Instagram.What’s more, last night Kevin was playing at the club even without Carli.The matter to be followed, but it is very tense!What do you think ?ยป

Carla Moreau and Kevin couple at the verge of separation?

Carla Moreau recently commented on this subject, confiding to her subscribers that she was

“Very sad”

situation.One thing is certain, this story had to add oil to fire.

Carla Moreau

and Kevin Guedj.Rumors about separation have been circulating for several days.Blogger @Mayamotv recently announced: Kevin has not slept at home for several days, and Carla took off the ring. For now, an official announcement has not been announced, but we can see that they no longer appear together in social networks.