Cartoon Network to Air “Digimon Adventure:” In India 24 October

Anime in India Anime Manga News for the first time in India Anime is broadcast in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu!(Last updated: October 16, 2022)

Cartoon Network India officially announced that it will broadcast Digimon Adventure in many regional languages.Now anime fans will be able to enjoy the favorite anime Digimon Adventure in Hindi, Tamil and Telug.The Digimon Adventure version from 2020 (or you can say a remake of the 1999 television anime) will be broadcast on Cartoon Network India from October 24.

The popularity of the anime is growing in India and many organizations like Cartoon Network make every effort to provide a high -quality anime with an Indian audience.But don’t worry because now you will be able to enjoy your favorite anime from Monday to Friday at 20:00.

“Cartoon Network is the first channel that provides content from the Japanese anime in local dubbing to South Asia.After the huge success of “Dragon Ball Super”, we are pleased to present fans a new addition to a versatile genre, which is “Digimon Adventure” in three local languages: Hindi, Tamil and Telug.We are sure that this latest supplement with an engaging narrative and world -class animation will become another favorite. ”

Uttam Pal Singh, director of Warner Bros.Discovery, head of the children’s cluster in South Asia in Warner Bros.

In addition, popular actors voice in Hindi get their votes in the Anime Digimon Adventure TV.Below you will find a list of voice actors of the main character Digimon Adventure:

VIBHAV Thakkar – Taichi (protagonist) devha – agumon (Digimon) Sririn Chatterjee – Whiz Koshiro (Computer Whiz) Neshme Chamburkar – Yuuko Kamiya (mother of Taichi) Pooja Punjabi – Sora (Taichi’s best friend)

“It’s 2020, the network is part of each of us everyday life, but a network fault, which can be a cyber attack, causes panic in the center of Tokyo.This time “Digimon Adventure:” He tells the story of a fifth grade – Taichi Yagami, who on the way to the rescue of his mother and sister suddenly goes to the digital world.This unexplored virtual space in which things are not what they seem is located on the other side of the network and the kingdom with its creatures unknown to humanity.

Cartoon Network India

Cartoon Network does everything to ensure high -quality anime content for Indian viewers.Recently, in the summer season, the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super began to be broadcast in many regional languages.In addition, Pogo emits Yokai Watch in Hindi, Tamil and Teleg.

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