Cast of the movie Live-Action Black Night Parade: Jiro Sato, Yumi Wakatsuki

The official website of the acting film based on the comedy of Hikaru Nakamura Black Night Parade revealed two more members of the film on Thursday.

Jiro Sato (Mary and the Witch’s Flower, Live-Action Gintama, Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War, Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku, on the left in the picture above) plays Akira Yoshikawa, Mihar Hino and former head of Kaiser Tanaki in Pawson (Nerima north exit) grocery store.A former member of the Idolek Nogizaka 46 Yumi Wakatsuki (right) group plays Inaho Akai, a former employee of Pawson.

The cast includes:

YĆ«ichi Fukuda (actor Wotakoi: Love is difficult for Otaku, Gintama, HK/Hentai Kamen) directs the film and co -creates the script from Tetsuo Kamata.

The film will be opened in Japan on December 23.

Nakamura released the manga on Weekly Young Jump Shueisha in November 2016.Shueisha published the first compiled Manga volume in December 2016, and published the seventh volume in December last year.Manga was also


in other places, such as Ultra Jump, Digital Margaret, Shonen Jump+, and Cinra.Net, Line Manga, Pixiv Comic, Nico Nico Seiga and others.

Nakamura is currently also drawing the Saint Young Men manga, which began in 2006.The story tells about the everyday life of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha, who are roommates living in a flat in Tokyo.The two-volume original DVD anime project produced by the A-1 Pictures was released in 2012 and 2013, and Manga also inspired an animated film in 2013.Since then, Manga has inspired the acting adaptation.

The previous work of Nakamura is Arakawa Under the Bridge, which lasted from December 2004 to July 2015. The Manga series included 14 volumes and was an inspiration for two television series Anime, a television series with live and live series.action movie.Vertical has obtained a manga license and spends it in collective collections.

Nakamura also illustrated the novel Nrenioisin Juni Taisen: Zodiac War.VIZ Media published a novel in October 2017 and inspired television anime.Crunchyroll broadcast anime in Japan, and Funiation was broadcast by Dub.The book was continued in December 2017.


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