Celebrate Halloween with the Utra from the movie One Piece Red


It’s time for costumes, and pirates and idols are no exception.

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She shared the new graphics of Uty from the film, in which she was wearing a little inspired by Halloween street clothing.The creator of One Piece, Ode, was the one who designed the costume.


ハロウィン 限定 🎃

ウタ の アニメ イラスト 解禁 解禁

衣裳 は 尾田 先生 が デザイン デザイン !!


10/30 (日) 放送 アニメ 「ワンピース」 で で

ウタ の 新規 アニメーション 映像 が 公開 🎥✨ 🎥✨

他 に も ハロウィン 企画 が 盛り だくさん だくさん!

▼ リプ欄 を チェック 👀 👀

#Filmred 文化 祭


– one -piece red movie 』【公式】 (@op_filmred)

October 23, 2022

The sleeves of her jackets have familiar patterns, such as ghosts, cobwebs and lanterns.Meanwhile, her sock has the inscription “Happy Halloween”.Uta will also appear on the digital marking of Shibuya Station by October 30, 2022. There will also be exclusive Halloween postcards from UTA.You can get one for free for a transaction by buying

Mugiwara Store

, both online and in physical stores.They will only be available from 29 to 31 October 2022.

Those from outside Japan can also take part in Halloween.The One Piece episode, which will be broadcast on October 30, 2022, will include a new UTY animation at the end.More details on this topic will appear on this day.

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