Chained Soldier Anime Lines Up Open Theme Artist

Chained Soldier Anime Lines Up Open Theme Artist

Joseph Mirror on October 17, 2022

The writer Takahiro and illustrator Manga Chained Soldier Yohei Takiemura – known in Japan as Mato Seihei No Slave – will appear on television in the adaptation of anime in 2023.While we are waiting for its start, the performer was revealed.

The name of the song itself has not yet been announced, but it will be performed by Akari Kito, who also proclaims the main heroine of Kyouk Uzen.

Yen Press publishes the manga Chained Soldier – which is served in Japan in the SHONEN JUMP+ SHUEISHA digital magazine – in English and describes it in this way:

Decades ago, gates to an unearthly and dangerous dimension known as MATO – “City of Demons” – appeared throughout Japan.Those who took part in the cultivation of “peaches” gained unique abilities – but only when they are girls.When a boy from the Yuuki Wakura high school is imprisoned in the gate, he is saved by Kyouka Uzen, a beautiful commander of the 7th Department of Demonic Defense, which … tells him to become her slave?!


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