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Chainsaw Man – 02

「東京 到着」 (Tokyo Touchaku)

“Arrival in Tokyo”

Tokyo Touchaku was an excellent configuration, which in my opinion will be very complicated and interesting relationships. This stands out, considering that it is often not immediately that the dynamics of relationships is the most attractive aspect of Shōnen’s narrative. It often happens that these one -on -one interactions occupy the third or fourth place behind the characters themselves, their personalities and values, uniqueness and quirks, and the story itself. I certainly didn’t watch Bleach every week, because Ichigo’s dynamics with Chad, Uryuu, Orihime or Rukia were amazing. But this week I was fascinated and wanted more interaction between hilarious reluctant roommates/partners Denjim and Hayakawa (Sakata Shougo). It was nice to look at their type of perceived competition and a sense of competition, which become even more attractive thanks to their personal authenticity, simplicity and fearlessness towards each other. Denji and Hayakawa are equal in terms of peer dynamics. And are they both in the same girl? I’m afraid that if so, they both wait for a broken heart like no other. These boys should just stick to their knees in nuts; It would hurt less, I promise!

We don’t know much about Makima-san (Kusunoki Tomori); But apparently it manipulates and we get flashes that he has very bright goals. But Denji certainly can’t see it – or rather he doesn’t want to. It is equally tragic, which is funny, because one of Denji’s main features, like every good main character Shōnen, is very strong intuition. But in his case it was blocked out of necessity. Denji desperately wants to be with a girl and eat toast with jam, so when a beautiful woman appears and offers him these things, he is ready to ignore her intuition. She overlooks every attention she makes about him, expanding her eyes: you are only a dog; You can’t say no; You will work for us until death; If you try to leave, you will be killed. And you can actually see how he stops, processes this information, and then pushes it aside, not thinking about it until it manifests in the Hayakawa’s question, “Is Makima-san a good person? Is she a bad person? ”

However, this also sets a nice trajectory and a bow for the evolution of Denji’s character.He doesn’t really know what he wants, and he lacks self -awareness to such an extent that he doesn’t even know what he thinks.Do not diminish the importance of what has been established in the previous episode about his dream of normal life, but he says so: now that he has most of the things he wanted, he still feels that he is missing something.This leads to breast apparition.But I think it even misleads it.Given the internal monologue of Denji in the elevator, he now thinks that a significant intimate relationship with the girl is not a plan for him, so touching the boobs seems to him the most “achievable goal.”I think we’ll see.Will his intuition and clarity as to dangerous situations also translate into his personal life?

Speaking of typical Shōnen and trail features, another strong feature is Denji’s compassionate nature and how he is not contaminated by cynicism of typical social prejudices.Not only does he quickly kill the devil (corpse possessed by a demon) to avoid their suffering, but also says Hayakawa, blinking with a blink that he would make friends with the demon, if such someone wanted to make friends with him.Nuance is a key word here.It’s unusual to see so many nuances in relationships in Shōnen.Chainsaw Man definitely feels mature;These characters are clearly 20 -year -olds, not teenagers.

Many in this series are very cinema: we make the eye launched at the beginning of the episode, the camera increases every time it speaks morally ambiguous attention, low shots at an angle, backlight and flares of the lens.I appreciate them immensely.And of course, this review cannot be completed, not to mention the endearing mass of irrational chaos, which is power (Fairoz AI), a being very moved by his own unearthly desires – or at least it seems.

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