Chainsaw Man: AI Fairoz shows a power filter in the Snow application

Fairoz Ai, a voice actress of Power in the anime Chainsaw Man, published her film and photos with a pair of horns and eyes of the characters made with the camera Snow.

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He states that the cooperation function, which ensures power characteristics, will be available to 9:59 October 25.

“Power-chan filter is now snow!”The tweet of the voice actress begins and continues: “You can grow her horns and get different eyes to be a devil!Cute !! “Post ends with the words” Why don’t you play it! “In the way the characters are spent together with the emoticons of a smiling face with horns, a drop of blood and a black heart, which means a bloody devil.

Snow に パワー ちゃん の スタンプ が 登場 !! ツノ が 生え 生え て 瞳 も も 変わっ て 魔人 に なれる! かわいい!!! ウヌ らも らも 遊ん で み て ねー!! 😈🩸🖤 #チェン チェン ソーマン ソーマン ソーマン

Fairoz ai power in chain anime wrote on Twitter video and photos in which he has character traits in the Snow application

Tatsuki Fujimoto was ahead of the Chainsaw Man manga on Weekly Shonen Jump Shueisha from December 2018 to January 2021 in total 11 volumes.Currently, he draws the second part of the series, which is published on the Manga Shueisha Shonen Jump +online website.Serialization began on July 13, 2022, and the series exceeded 16 million copies in circulation, and the 12th volume was published on October 4.Anime was chosen as the most expected by our fans of the autumn anime 2022.

VIZ Media has a license for the Chainsaw Man manga series for editions in English and describes

The plot of volume 1


Denji is a poor young man who will do everything for money, even hunting for devils with his petHe is a simple man with simple dreams, drowning under the debt of debts.But one day his sad life is turned upside down when he is betrayed by someone he trusts.Now, having devilish power, Denji has become a completely new man – Chainsaw Man!

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