Chainsaw Man Anime announces the English Duba cast and its premiere on October 25!

Crunchyroll announced on Tuesday that

English dub

For the television anime Chainsaw Man Tatsuki Fujimoto will start on October 25 at 15:30.Edt.According to the company

Lindsay Seidel

He will play a pit.

The cast of English dub includes:

Lindsay Seidel

as a chill

Ryan Colt Levy

as Denji

Reagan Murdock

as Aki

Suzie Yeung

as a macima

Sarah Wiedenheft

as a power

While an American voice actor

“Mike McFarland”

He directs English Dub, the company will later reveal more members of the Duba cast.

Russian, French, German, Spanish



They will be available to Chainsaw Man.

On October 11, the anime debuted on Tokyo television and five other related channels and Amazon Prime Video.Crunchyroll currently streams anime in over 200 countries and territories around the world.On October 7, Crunchyroll showed the American premiere at the New York Comic-Con.Crunchyroll debuted at this event as an English dub before publishing with subtitles.


Denji’s teenage boy lives with a chita, the devil of the chain saw.He lives in misery because of his father’s debt and pays him back, collecting the corpse of devils with a pit.

Denji is killed after betrayal one day.He signs a contract with a pit when his consciousness disappears and is reborn as “a man with a chain saw”, a man with a devil’s heart.

Members of the man’s crew with a chain saw include:

Anime director (in mappa)

– Ry Nakayama (Jujutsu Kaisen, director of the Black Clover episode)

Action director

– Tatsuya Yoshihara (Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls, Black Clover)

Chief Technical Director

– Makoto commanded (Little Witch Acadekaren, Darling in the Franxx)


– Hiroshi Seko (Attack on Titan The Final Season, Ajin)

Character design

– Kazutaka Sugyama (Mushoku Tersei: unemployed reincarnation)

Designing devils

– Kiyotaka Oshiyama (Space Dandy, Devilman Crybaby)

Music composer

– Kensuke Ushio (Devilman Crybaby, and Silent Voice, Liz and the Blue Bird)

Kenshi Yonezu performed the first song “Kick Back”.Anime will have 12 final songs, one for each episode.

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