Chainsaw Man: Anime Music contains 12 different songs at the end

Chainsaw Man will have only one official opening, but the anime will contain 12 different endings as part of the upcoming edition.

From Black Clover and Tokyo Ghoul to Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga, unique music can erect any anime to new heights, which is why thematic songs remain a key aspect of every premiere of the new series.

Therefore, it is extremely important to make the right choice so that the anime song opens or ends success;Something that exerts a significant pressure on a production team, which (traditionally) must choose only one song opening and ending the season.

Well, Chainsaw Man certainly does not put all his devils in one basket, with confirmation that the upcoming 12-episode series will contain 12 different endings!

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Chainsaw Man: Anime opening the theme song

The fantastic opening song in the Anime Chainsaw Man series is entitled “Kick Back” and is performed by the extremely talented Kenshi Yonezu.

Kenshi Yonezu is a Japanese musician, songwriter, producer and illustrator who previously performed under a professional nickname “Hachi”.

“I wrote the song” Kick Back “to the Anime Chainsaw Man.I am honored because I still love the original work.The work has great power, so it was very difficult to find the right sound for it.I hope you will like it.Thank you very much in advance. ” – Kenshi Yonezu, through


The 31-year-old-Old released five albums “Diorama”, “Yankee”, “Bremen”, “Bootleg” and “Stry Sheep”;Over 4.2 million physical copies and over 7 million digital copies in Japan were sold.

In an interview with


, Yonezu told him how he was diagnosed with high -functioning autism when he was 20 years old, revealing how “at that time it was a feeling” I see “or” it makes sense. ”

“I suppose I accepted it.For a long time I felt that I was such a creature and regardless of whether he was given such a name or not, I always thought that society was tiring.And besides, it’s not like I can change something that has already happened.But gradually I started saying “well”.I realized that I just had to live with my hand.- Kenshi Yonezu, by



He was also famous for his virtual performance in the Fortnite video game, which was


as a “great hit as a metaverse pioneer.”

The Animation Chainsaw MAN will contain 12 different thematic songs ED

The Anime Chainsaw Man series is to contain 12 different thematic songs at the end of each of the 12 episodes.

As Crunchroll confirmed, these new endings include:

“Hawatari Niku Ceni (translated into” blades with a length of 2 hundred million centimeters “), performed by Maximum The Hormone” All Kinds of Kisses “, performed by ano” Fight Song “, performed by Eve” Deep Down “aimer” rendezvous “, inPerformed by Kanaria “In the Back Room”, performed by Syudou “Violence”, performed by Queen Bee “Time Left”, performed by Zutomay “First Death”, performed by the CT with “Ling Tosite sigure” “Tablet”, performed by tooboe “Chai NSAW Blood “, performed by Vaunda” Dogland “, performed by People 1

Fans should remember that the order of ending songs does not reflect the order in which they will appear in the anime, because this has not yet been officially confirmed.

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CSM Anime Director Comment:

Prod staff, music artists, advertising employees and all other members who were involved in creating CSM worked hard to show what they were.We are sure that you will like it, so wait for real -time broadcasting!


– Shonenleaks (@shonenleaks)

October 11, 2022

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“I started music because I wanted to be popular and continue music because I want to be popular.In this respect, I think I have a similar mentality as Denji.When I was asked to write music for “Chainsaw Man”, I wondered what music I would write if I was Denjim.I thought he would probably shout his emotions.I think the song came out.This is a song that really means a lot to me.I really hope that this song will make the work even more beautiful.I hope you like this song with the anime “Chainsaw Man”.- Syudou commentary through

official website


Queen Bee commented on how “we are glad that this time we could provide a special song Queen Bee” Violence “to the anime” Chainsaw Man “.

“We hope that you will feel a sense of warriors at work, jumping tension, lively intensity and ease of life and death in 4 minutes of the song (89 seconds at the end of the anime) and let your heart go crazy.”- Queen Bee comment on

official website


The excited team exclaimed how “I’m sure you would want to shout” vaaaooooooooooorerenssssssses !!!!! “.I am sure you will want to shout “VaaaioreensssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.”Finally, adding: “How many episodes will the ending color?Hi!I can’t wait to free it live!Please, wait for you to literally dance like crazy. ”

“It was a job that helped me with emotional milestones, so I was happy and I didn’t want to finish it all the time, and my life force came alive, so I went home and wrapped the plants, and allowing water to soak in the pillows of the cat’s paw, I created a song,which was about the enrichment process for me.I don’t know if I really mean what I say, even if I think I’m just stunning my mind.But I want to be petted.I was strengthened by the inalienable and hateful spirit.Thank you for the patronage.Aca (I would like it to be north all the time.) ” – Zutomayo commentary through

official website


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