Chainsaw Man anime reveals the ending of episode 1 with the song “Chainsaw Blood” by Vaunda

Chainsaw Man premiered episode 1 in Japan (an hour later in the release of Crunchroll), and also released the first music video with the song “Chainsaw Blood” by Vaunda.It has been confirmed that anime contains 12 different ending songs of 12 different artists for each episode, and the first can be viewed:

Chainsaw Man anime – music video ending episode 1 with the song Vaunda “Chainsaw Blood”

Anime also published a music video opening with the song “Kick Back” Kenshi Yonezu.It also has 2 different Twitter chita emoticons that appear when using specific hashtags.He was recognized as the most expected autumn 2022 program and will be interesting to see how it falls compared to another hit anime, which premiered yesterday, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.

The first episode announcement was revealed.His title is “a dog and a chain saw”.Summary:

A boy named Denji earns life as a devil hunter.

He fills the orders of Yakuzas and leads a poor life with the “Devil of the Chain Piła” named Zagita.

One day Yakuza calls Denji, but he is betrayed and killed.

When his consciousness disappears, he hears his voice.

Crunchyroll will stream anime from today, and they describe the story:

Denji is a teenager living with a devil of a mechanical saw named Zagita.Due to the debt left by his father, he led his life downstairs, paying his debt, collecting the corpse of devils with a pit.One day Denji is betrayed and killed.When his consciousness disappears, he concludes a contract with Pobita and is resurrected as “a man of chain saw” – a man with a devil’s heart.


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