Chainsaw Man: Each member of the cast of voice and its characters revealed

Who appears in the ament of anime Chainsaw Man and what characters will play in the upcoming MAPPA series?

The whole world of the anime will soon be at a rally, as the mappa studio is preparing to break with the probably most anticipated anime from 2022, Chainsaw Man.

By adapting the iconic original manga Tatsuki Fujimoto, this program will move the boundaries in terms of graphic stories and bloody visual effects;However, CSM is widely known for having one of the best development of the new era manga character.

The series premieres in just a few hours at Crunchyroll, but when fans around the world start their last countdown to Denji.The long -awaited arrival, many are curious about who the voices of the anime in the new series are.

A man of chain sawOfficial trailer



A man with a chain sawOfficial trailer





Casting of the anime Chainsaw Man

The cast of the voice to the Anime Chainsaw Man includes the following contractors:

Denji: Kkunosuke Toyapochita: Shiori Izawa (Nanachi of Made in Abyss) Makima: Tomori Kusunoki (Sumika with Muv-Luv Alternative) Power: Fairoz Ai (Jolyne from Jojo’s Stone Ocean) Kishibe: Kenjiro Tsuda (Isshiki from Boruto): Aki Haki Sakata Sakata(Karin from Fire Force) Himeno: Mariya ise (Killa from Hunter X Hunter) Kobeni Higashiyama: Karin Takhashi (Suika with dr stone_hirokazu Arai: Taku Yashiro (tanuma from Kaguya-sama) Angel of the devil: maaya uchida (Rikka z& Other delusions) Beam: Natsuki Hanae (Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul) Galgali: Yuya Uchida (Hendrikson from seven main sins) Princi: Saori Goto (Plue of Fairy Tail) katana man: Daiki Hamano (Valtos from black clover) Sawatari: Yo taichi(Yukimi z kakeg Urui Twin)

A conversation with

Animate Times

, Kikunosuke Toya (Denji) revealed how “I was very happy [from receiving the role of Denji], just like Denji in the original story.At the same time, I am still a novice and I have never played the main character in anime before, so I felt disbelief and anxiety.It was a mix of various feelings. “This is the first big role of Toyi in anime.

“Yes, there was [a great reaction to casting].I received many lines from friends, invitations to go to dinner together, etc. I was honestly very grateful.In addition, the number of my observers on Twitter has increased tenfold.I had about 1,200 followers before the announcement, but the day after the announcement I had 15,000. We also received many answers from people from abroad.Once again, I realized that “a man of chain saw” is such an amazing work and that I have to do everything in my power to make it a good work. “- kkunosuke toya, through

Animate Times


Interestingly, the president of Mappa Manabo Otsuk noticed through


As “the reason why we chose a novice for the role of Denji, is because he is not yet dark, so it was attractive to start with the idea that Denji is Mr. Toya.”

Tomori Kusunoki, who plays Makima, shared her first impressions about the role in Tomorir a candle


.The voice actress explained that “I was so shocked that I thought it was a awake dream when I saw it on the internet, I just couldn’t believe it”

“As soon as I heard about the adaptation of anime I thought:” How can I question? “I ran to my manager and said: “I want to take part in the interrogation !!I want a hearing !! ‘Fortunately, I was accepted.Well, I took part in the interrogation to Power and Makmy.Personally, my absolute favorite was Makima-san, so I thought I really wanted to be her.- Tomori Kusunoki, through the translated version of Tomoriru Candle



Fans should remember that there are many characters whose voice actors have not yet been made available, because they appear mainly in Part 2, including ASA Mitaka, Hirofumi Yoshida, Quanxi, Long, Pingtsi, Tsugihagi, Cosmo, Rese, Santa Claus, Aldo, JoeyI Yuko and Devils (Gun, Darkness, Future and Justice).

English Dub will contain:

Ryan Colt Levy as Denjisuzie Yeung as Makimasarah Wiedenheft as PowerReagan Murdock as Aki Hayakawa

It is expected that more English members of the English anime cast will be made available in the coming weeks.

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