Chainsaw MAN EP1 – Normal life

Like everyone, I was looking forward to the adaptation of the Chainsaw Man anime.This season is full of amazing anime I was waiting for and this is the only reason I was not so focused on Chainsaw Man.I would normally talk about it for some time.But I would lie if I didn’t say that I have no objections to this.

Only for a certain context, you should know that I have read the entire article about public security chainsaw man or the first 11 volumes of manga.And I liked it very much, although sometimes it was a bit difficult to read.What’s more, unlike many anime pessimists who tend to flood social media, I have a default, optimistic look at anime adaptations.Generally, I prefer them from the manga, and all those that I could not wait for recently appeared, I liked them very much!Finally, I don’t like mapp as a studio.I remember how many fans complained when the anime was first announced because of Mappa’s involvement, but I really like a lot of their productions at the technical level.In my opinion, they made some really great anime.

So if you take it all into account, it’s really strange that I’m not very enthusiastic about the chainsaw man anime.But you see, I thought and I still think that adaptation of this story can be particularly difficult.

A man with a chain saw is a very difficult story.Not only in a simple fact that it can be brutal.It is deeper.Of course, this is because Tatsuki Fujimoto is an extremely talented author, at least in my opinion.But he is not always nice.Sometimes I have the impression that he believes that people can be shit and it penetrates his work.However, it pours into it a bit careful optimism, which makes his stories complex, multilayer, and sometimes seemingly paradoxical, but in my opinion ultimately satisfying.

So, as I read it, he was a deep story presented in simple words and deceptive shallow clues.Many of the best parts were in what was not said or shown.And I still don’t know how it will translate into anime.

I only know that the visual effects are great.The devils in full color are what they were supposed to be.Personally, I like the use of computer graphics in this series, it gives you an uncomfortable, amazing quality of the camera work, which fits the mood of T. And this first episode had one of the most beautiful lights I have seen for a long time.The visual atmosphere was tangible.It really worked to improve the designs of Fjimoto.

And framing was also quite good.Look at this, for example:

These two screenshots are almost 30 seconds in the program.They are also divided by a series of images with a completely different color and depth of field.Watching the anime itself, it is almost impossible to really notice how the scene visually flows.But this is just one of many examples.The performance creates those images that blend with each other, and then weave them into the stage, creating a tapestry, which makes experience visually consistent, but not in a way.I thought it was really cool.

However, the problem with Chainsaw Man is that you do not want it to look funny or weaken the horror of action.As I said, manga is sometimes difficult to read.There are scenes that are difficult to look at.But in the manga they are individual panels that simply remain there and remain uncomfortable.When you animal it, you need to add images before and after, the risk of ruining the effect is very high.Already now, although I really liked the fight scene, which was the birth of a man of a mechanical saw, I felt like a shonen action scene, not a desperate and a breathless glove that I read in the manga.This feeling may disappear over time or may get worse.But this is not a break of the contract and I think that it makes up for the force of the visual atmosphere.

One of the things that works equally well is Denji.Denji is crucial for the series.Of course, he is the main character and title, but this is something more.Denji is a beating heart of the series, I think the cap is, but they come as a set.If you don’t care about Denji, if you don’t worry about him and his future, the emotional resonance of the whole series is embarrassed.There are other characters in this story.Some could argue with better characters because Denji is a bit flat.But this is the simple characteristics of Denji combines everything together.In a sense, Denji is very childish and that makes you want to protect him.Anyway me.And this instinct meant that I joined very quickly and deeply with his story.And this is Denji, whom I know and loved.It bodes very well for the rest of the season.

I’m talking about it.I really liked this first episode.I think they did great.I am not yet completely convinced that they will cope with some heavier topics that appear, but I am much more optimistic.And I can’t wait to find out!