Chainsaw MAN EP2 – The Power

The first episode of Chainsaw Man left me a little uncertain.I liked it, but it was such a different experience from the one I had with the manga that it surprised me a bit.And knowledge about what awaits us, just worsened my uncertainty.

In a sense, it makes me even more willing to see what anime is in the store for us.

So far, Chainsaw Man has done a great job with characterization.Denji spent a lot of time in the center of attention, so he is not surprising that we know his personality well.Besides, Denji is simple.This is a kind of its defining characteristics and in a sense it is also his strength.It is this simplicity that binds this story.Love it.

And maybe it’s only me, but I think that anime does a good job, emphasizing its slightly sweeter side.Due to the lack of a better word, I just think that this Deji is sweet in a way that has nothing to do with character design.This is a great solution for everything else in Chainsaw Man.

However, we basically know Makima and Aki from only one episode.Less, because each of them has only a few scenes.And the power was introduced in the last act of this episode.However, I feel that I really know them all.Makima is a bit more difficult to read, but this mysterious side is a large part in it.Plays close to the chest.Aki is probably more similar to Denji than he would ever want to admit, and power, well, the power is undeniable.He simply fills in every scene in which he is located.I believe that the possibility of easy to apply for characters who had only a few minutes on the screen is impressive.Especially since there was no exhibition for any of them.

Strong characters make the action/horror shine.This is a very good sign.

On the other hand, the fraternal, antagonistic relationship between Akim and Denji is a bit trivial.It didn’t really bother me, but for me it consumes a time that would be better to use to build a world or give us more power!I work very hard to put aside what I know from the manga.I have to say that the relationships between Akim and Denjim are actually quite great and it is nice to see how it is developing, but if I just take this episode considering and try to forget about everything that will happen later, I thought that their arguments accelerated the pace turned off, while their shared apartment was fun, but too short to really act.

We are still at the Chainsaw Man configuration stage.But the potential is definitely here.I hope the viewers will like it.

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