Chainsaw Man, Episode 1: Beautiful, bloody introduction to the world of Denji

Chainsaw Man broadcast his episode 1 after a huge noise train.The cruel world in which they live.The first scene reveals that Denji has a debt that cannot be repaid.In addition to cutting down trees and selling several of its organs, we also learn that the best to hunt devils pays off.Already this first scene made me feel like watching a movie, from the moment he woke up, to the landscapes, when they went to the tomato devil, and in the whole episode there was a more impressive -looking backgrounds and scenes.

Chainsaw Man, Episode 1: Denji, Pochita and Tomato Devil

The opening film was recreated after this scene and is amazing.There were several classic references to movies under the direction and storyboard of Shingo Yamashita.Kazutak Sugiyama was the main director of animation, and Riki Matsura and Souta Yamazaki as animation directors.Shingo Yamashita also worked on a key animation at the forefront, along with Ryu Nakayama, Tatsuya Yoshihara and Keiichirou Watanabe.You can watch the video below:

Going further, we need to learn more about Denji’s past and his devil hunting business.It is basically the fault of his killed father, who hanged himself because of his large debt and left Denji at the grace of Yakuza.On the day of his father’s death, he was ordered to collect a large sum of money in one day, otherwise he would be cut and sold for parts.When the members of Yakuza left, the sweet devil of Podkita appeared.It was here that we saw that Denji was ready to die when he told the devil that he could kill him, since he was dead anyway.However, the cap was wounded and was unable to do it, so Denji offered him his blood so that he could cure.He formulated this as a system in which the devil would have to help him in return.They both became a team that began to hunt for devils and experiences from small earnings they could earn.

Chainsaw Man, Episode 1: Denji and Pochita

It was really depressing to see how Denji had to go through everything that was happening to him.He couldn’t even sleep.And he could only dream of eating jam on his bread, and his main wish was to score points with a girl before death.Fortunately, he had a pit at his side, but it still seemed too cruel fate for something his father did.This reached the peak when the main member of Yakuza invited him to work and revealed that he had concluded a system with the devil and betrayed Denji.Our hero was cut and thrown by the Services of the devil Zombie, and we just knew that there must be some way he would return and repay them.

And he returned, although full appreciation goes to Podkita.The devil got a drop of blood in his mouth, which caused a series of flashbacks to some moments spent with Denji.We saw that Denji was already thinking about the possibility of death and wanted Pagit to take over his corpse and live a normal life.Instead, Pagit gave Denji’s heart and told him that he wanted him to realize his dream instead.This gave birth to a real chainsaw man, who then mowed every zombie/devil with his newly discovered abilities.

Man with chain saw Episode 1: A man with a chain saw

The episode ended when Makima from Public Safety appeared to kill the Devil-Zombie, only to find Denji alone on the stage.He tells her accompanying men that he is not possessed, and asks Denji to choose between death like a devil or joining her as a man.After she told him that he would feed him and describe breakfast, Denji simply says that it sounds amazing before the end of the episode.Finally, Vaunda’s ending song was recreated.You can watch an ending movie below:

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