Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Review: It sounds amazing

It’s time, people!Time for the largest original anime 2022, because the 1st episode of Chainsaw Man proudly announces to the world.Let’s see how it went in this review!

Discussion of episode 1 Chainsaw Man

A man of a chain saw is an action, an adventure and supernatural anime posted on our screen by

Mapping studio

, extremely popular studio behind some of the other extremely popular Shonen properties, such as Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen.The series is based on a manga with the same title written by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

The series is directed by Tatsuya Ishihara, who was part of the production of Black Clover and Monster Musume.The series was first published in Jump+, the online equivalent of the extremely popular Shonen Jump magazine.Manga sold over thirteen million copies in less than four years of circulation.

– view of the 1 episode of Chainsaw Man does not contain spoilers –

Chainsaw Man Review of Episode 1 – Beautiful Violence

The first output to show this popular absolutely blind is difficult.Being such unaware of what is happening around you, while doing something so covering the species, like reviewing, is even more difficult.Despite all this, it is possible if you just don’t like to use social media, and if you like it, you prefer to stay in your own tiny bubble that you carefully choose.This does not mean that I completely missed this noise.As soon as the advertisement became so popular in such a short time, it was difficult not to pay attention to it.However, with publicity and fame, another challenge appears – actually fulfilling expectations.

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I entered this episode with a slight bias – I believed that there was no way to actually be as good as everyone said it would be.I mean, the series stood on such a high pedestal that it was difficult to even imagine how he could deserve there.Recently, too many programs aroused people’s interest, so you can’t blame me for being a little too careful.Now a moment of truth – was it as good as the noise suggests?Well, I believe it was so, or at least very close.

The first output of Chainsaw Man was fantastic in a rarely seen manner at this type of shows, although today we saw more of them than in the past.Establishing a program in which Denji was not lucky and was under great pressure to pay off the debt, fell into the bad mafia and suffered for the rest of his life, was great and added a lot of emotional weight to the program, which could otherwise be rejected by manyas a bloody and eternally horny Shonen Fair.All this means that the series had a heart and exposed it so that everyone could see it in the first episode.

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But talking about bloody and horny, the show did not leave the stone on his head so that he was faithful to these two special aspects.It was incredibly bloody, and parts of the body flew around, as if they were out of fashion, and all this very well captured by the typically phenomenal mapping animation.I hope that I will not have to talk much about this animation in this series of reviews, because there are only so many ways to say: “Yes, it was great, everything looked great.”The music will take some time before it acclimatizes, but the first impressions were very positive.

Apart from all this, what made Chainsaw Man really stand outside the relationship between Pocita and Denji.A charming creation reminiscent of a dog and unhappy human being have always been a very strong combination and here they also worked very well.The cap is very charming, and being in such a deep relationship with Denji can only be a good thing.It is a pity that the series presented them both as his muse, can only be described as “effective printing houses”.The series had a great start.Let’s see if it can accelerate it!


Episode 1 Chainsaw Man was simply amazing.Beautiful violence and emotional bits, which the hit episode was just right, and its future looks very light.