Chainsaw Man Episode 2: Explanation of the date of release, hours and transmission

After an amazing debut, what date and hour will be released worldwide in the second episode of Chainsaw Man via Crunchyroll to stream simultaneously?

Undoubtedly, it is a plan to broadcast anime from autumn 2022. The best season from last year’s winter, with such games as Spy X Family, Bleach: Thrisand Year Blood War, My Hero Acadekaren, Mob Psycho 100, Blue Lock, and now Chainsaw Man.

The adaptation of the original Manga Tatsuki Fujimoto, led by MAPPA, has just debuted around the world in Crunchyroll, and social media platforms have almost been filled with hashtags, memes and reactions almost immediately.

Now our attention is directed to what will happen next to Denji and Podkita;What time and date will the second episode of Chainsaw Man be released worldwide in Crunchyroll?

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Episode 2: Chainsaw MAN: Date and premiere time

Episode 2 of the Anime Chainsaw Man series is planned around the world through the Crunchyroll stream platform on Tuesday, October 18.

As Crunchroll confirmed, the second episode of the new MAPPA series will premiere in a global simultaneous transmission at the following international hours:

Pacific Time – 9 Central Am – 11 East – 12 Pmbrytyan Time – 17: 00 European – 6 PMczas Indian – 9:30 PMA Filipino – 12 Amustralia Central Summer Time – 2:30 am

At the time of writing this text, an official summary of the episode has not yet been made available by the official Japanese website, but will be made available in the next few days.

Short summary of episode 1

I opened the Chainsaw Man episode with a young man called Denji living with AB andone shelter from Pagit.Fighting for the repayment of a huge debt of 38 million yen, Denji undertook various occasional work, and even “gave” parts of his body for some extra cash.

Of all his methods of earning, the devil hunting is best in the amount of about 300,000 yen, and Denji soon faces the Red Devil resembling a squid with many eyes and vertical lips;The opening inscriptions are then thrown.

It turns out that Denji works for the devils hunting Yakuza for pennies.There is a poor failure, but he dreams of a better life for both himself and for a vagina;In this possession of a girl with whom you can share life.

Then we see how Denji and Podkita met for the first time.Denji’s father died when he was young, leaving him with a significant debt of Yakuza, who has been paying back since the funeral.While his father was still freshly in the ground, he met a wounded Pagita, who was nearby, and both made a friendship/contract after Denji offered some blood so that the charming devil of the mechanical saw could heal.

Going back to the present, Yazkuza led Denji to an abandoned factory under the guise that there is a devil … It is indeed so, but it turns out that it is the devil of the zombie, whose Yakuza concluded a contract for demonic power.

Denji is terribly slammed, cut and thrown into the trash;However, his blood goes to the corpse of the cap, who sees a flashback when Denji agreed to offer his body if he ever dies in the battle.Denji then sees a vision of a cap in which he can speak and offered that he will be the heart of Denji in exchange for showing him his dream.

Denji wakes up and is fully healed, the Zombie devil sends his servants to eat Denji this time cannot regenerate;However, the power of a man’s mechanical saw is now here to afford to tear.By pulling the string in the chest (wagon tail), chainsaws begin to protrude from his arms and head;He immediately begins to cut the minions, as if he played a fruity ninja … leaving the scene of total slaughter, Denji kills the devil of Zombie and all his minions.

A car with three people arrives, two men and women, who apparently are not immediately surprised by the grizzly scene in the factory, like any normal person.They notice Denji standing in the back, and the woman calmly approaches him.Denji only asks her to hug him – what she does immediately;Catching him means that chain saws disappear from his body.

He reveals that he is a devil from Public Safety and offers Denji a place with her as a human, unlike killing him as a devil.Denji agrees to go with her after agreeing to breakfast, they both look into each other when the camera moves before displaying the end inscriptions.

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