Chainsaw Man Episode 2: What is the date and time of release in Crunchyroll?

Discover all information about the bonuses of the second episode of a chain saw at Crunchyroll!Date and time of release, etc.

Chainsaw Man will soon be available at Crunchyroll!If you want to know

When the premiere of the second episode will take place

, read on!In the episode entitled Pies and Piła, the young man Denji desperately tries to pay off the crushing debt of the deceased father, hunting for demons for Yakuza with the help of his pet is

Every day, the debt collector takes him to a declining institution at the next order and ultimately reveals him because of his hidden motives.Although Denji is killed there by zombies, his pet joins with his body, giving him unimaginable powers and bringing him back to life.We’ll tell you everything about it

The premiere of the second episode of Chainsaw Man on Crunchyroll!

What is the date and time of publishing the 2nd episode of the chain saw Man on Crunchroll?

Waiting does not last long.The release date of the second episode

Chainsaw Man in Crunchyroll

was established on October 18, 2022 for the impatient

The release time of the second episode of Chainsaw Man

She was set at 6:00 in the afternoon at Crunchyroll.To find out how many sections of season 1 there will be, read it.

How did the episode end?

At the end of this week, Denji wakes up and is completely cured, the devil zombie sends his servants this time so that he would devour Denji, so that he would not regenerate, but power

man chain saw

It is finally available for release.Stretting the rope on his chest (wagon tail), chainsaws begin to leave his arms and head, immediately begins to cut the creatures, as if he played in Fruit Ninja … leaving the scene of total slaughter, Denji kills the devil’s zombie and all his servants.

A car with three people, two men and a woman arrives, who apparently are not immediately surprised by the terrifying scene in the factory, like any normal person.They notice Denji standing in the back, and the woman calmly approaches him.Denji only asks her to raise him, which she does immediately, grabbing him, and chainsaws detach from her body.

She reveals that he is a hunter of public security demons and offers Denji a place in her home as a man, instead of killing him as a demon.Denji agrees to follow her after eating breakfast, two eyes are blocking when the camera moves away before displaying the end inscriptions.