Chainsaw Man forbidden in America: Rumors in social media were overthrown

Immediately after the release of two episodes, a rumor appeared on social media.This rumor concerns the popular anime called “Half saw man”, which has been banned in America.However, as in most cases, this rumor does not seem to make sense and is apparently false.

How did this rumor start?

When the second episode was released on October 18, rumors began to circulate “a man of chain saw”.The fans started to Twitter and shared the news.Among these tweets, one of the tweets was: “So I heard that Chainsaw Man was banned in the USA.”



They were then supported by one user in the responses, who sent the article from CBR.In this article, CBR mentioned a tweet prepared by the American Commission for the Safety of Consumer Products.In this tweet, the Commission commented on the topic of Chainsaw Man.

So I heard that Chainsaw Man is banned in the USA💀

– 🎃𝕁𝕌ℕ𝕀𝕆ℝ🎃 (@junior_gamer24)

October 18, 2022

However, one


He rightly pointed out that the context of the said tweet was interpreted in a different way.Some users also said that the commission simply makes a funny comment.Other people said, however, that the ban could be caused by a bloody story.

But no official announcement from trusted sources appeared about the ban on anime from the USA.So rumors are completely false.

The guys I have heard of that Chainsaw Man is banned in the United States

– Trax (@traxspittin)

October 19, 2022

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What was the Tweet of the American Consumer Products Safety Commission?

After the anime premiere, the Commission decided that it would be a good idea to use this fame to inform everyone about the instructions regarding the safety of the chain saw.The thread on Twitter consisted of ten parts, which began with “a man made of chain saws.Hmm. ”

This tweet stayed and then: “Is there a dog with a chain saw?”And “it seems that this requires some tips on the safety of the chain saw.Note: If you are a chain saw yourself, the instructions may not be used. “Then the government agency followed the remaining tweets, jokingly providing security guidance.

What is “Chainsaw Man” about?

“Chainsaw Man” is a new anime, which is slowly gaining popularity thanks to the unique narrative and amazing film shots.It is produced by the Mappa studio, which is famous for the production of another popular anime, such as Attack on Titan, season 4, jujutsu kaisen, etc. The first episode was released on October 12.

Anime was adapted from the famous manga of the same name.Tatsuki Fujimoto was a mangaka behind this amazing story, which is also popular thanks to writing “Fire Punch”.

The story revolves around a poor young boy named Denji.One day, however, he is killed and is saved by his demonic dog with a chain saw POCHITA.This happens as a result of the dog’s conclusion with him, which turns him into a chain saw.

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