Chainsaw man hilarious investigation by the American Commission for Consumer Products Safety

The American Consumer Product Safety Commission hilariously commented on the brutal anime Chainsaw Man and gave several helpful advice.

Manga Chainsaw Man has gained a rather well -deserved reputation among the most brutal and graphic series in the world at the moment;At the end of the day it is called Chainsaw Man.

However, this brutality and graphic violence caught the attention of the American Commission for Consumer Products Safety after the debut of the mapping anime at the beginning of this week.

The commission not only commented on the Chainsaw Man series, but also gave useful advice on how to keep safety when using heavy machines.

Chainsaw ManMain trailer



A man with a chain sawMain trailer





Brutality of the episode 1 of a man with a chain saw

A man with a saw begins to show how a brutal, cruel and even sadistic plot can take place in just a few minutes from the first episode, when Denji is prosecuted by zombies with a machete.

Ghul inflicts a nasty wound in Denji’s back, and our protagonist falls to the ground in the agony of pain, Horde Zombie begins to murder a young man.Although this is not particularly rare in the anime, the stage lasts a long time, because we many times see Denji stabbed with a knife in the back and hand.

The next scene shows Denji, literally chopped into small pieces, pieces in the trash, free of head and cut off each limb;However, the charming cap with a mechanical saw is there to save the situation, letting be the new heart of Denji and hybrid with his friend.

After returning Zombie to finish the work, we have an amazing sequence in which Denji (now as Chainsaw Man) extermines every zombie in sight.Chain saws protruding from his head and shoulders quickly cope with ghosts, but the amount of blood and wounds has now noticed the American Commission for Consumer Products Safety.

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So I watched the first episode of Chainsaw Man and that was all I would like from the series with this title.Brilliant, ingenious, extremely violent and completely crazy.I can’t wait for the next episode.

– Nate Anderson 🏳️‍🌈💙💛 (@xander6981)

October 12, 2022

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The US Safety Commission is weighing

In October 12, about 24 hours after the premiere of Chainsaw MAN in Crunchyroll, the American Consumer Product Safety Commission published


On their website in social media with information “A man of chain saws.Hm. ”

Tweet quickly gathered tens of thousands of likes, and at the time of writing this post he has as many as 110,000 likes – which makes him one of the most popular posts that the site has ever created.

Shortly afterwards, the American Consumer Products Safety Commission

she answered

: “Is there a dog with a chain saw?And then “it looks like it requires some tips for the safety of the chain saw: if you are a chain saw yourself, the tips may not be used.”

The site contains information about how over 21,000 injuries related to chain saw in hospital emergency rooms in the United States, mainly as “rock wounds arms, legs, fingers and other parts, as well as eye injuries caused by remains last year.

Fortunately, the Commission then published a series of tweets explaining how to properly handle the chain saw so that users or devils do not end up like zombies from episode 1.

“Before using, check your chain saw or other power tools and do not use if it is damaged – used cables, engines or other electrical parts may pose a threat to electric shock or fire.Connect wired power tools to a socket protected against ground short circuit or portable GFCI and avoid using wired power tools in wet or humid conditions.Never wear power tools by holding the cable and protect the wires from damage. “- American Consumer Products Safety Commission, through



The post continued: “Using battery -powered tools, use only batteries and charger supplied by the manufacturer.Protect yourself, wear fitted clothing and remove the jewelry that could be drawn by tools. ”

“In addition, wear adequate eye protection (protective goggles, glasses and face shields) to protect the eyes against rubber flights.Always hold your hands away from moving parts.When operating the saw, special caution is required.Never cut your head (the jet can hit with a chain saw in the face or shoulder).Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on safe use. “- American Consumer Products Safety Commission, through



The thread ended: “As always, if you think you found a dangerous chain or electronic tool (hazardous outside of normal use), report it to CPSC at”

It seems that bureaucracy finally found a sense of humor and we can all appreciate that at least one member of the American Public Security Commission is a fan of the Anime Chainsaw Man, or I had the least I had to sit through the opening episode.

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