Chainsaw Man reveals episode 3 ending with the song Maximum The Hormone

Chainsaw Man has already broadcast the third episode in Japan and released the third music video with the theme song “Hawatari Noku Ceni (2-Stumillion Blades)” performed by Maximum The Hormone.Anime will have a different ending for each episode, and the third film with the end can be seen below:

A man with chain saw – episode 3 ending with the song Maximum The Hormone

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Vaundi performed the first final song “Chainsaw Blood” and Zutomay performed the second “Time Left”.The anime was recognized as the most anticipated autumn 2022 program, and was also at the top of the 1st weekly charts, beating Bleach: Thrite-Year Blood War (the difference between these two programs was only 0.13%).In the second week she took second place behind Bleach, and we will see what will happen this week on Friday!Crunchyroll broadcasts anime and describes this story:

Denji is a teenager living with a devil of a mechanical saw named Zagita.Due to the debt left by his father, he led his life downstairs, paying his debt, collecting the corpse of devils with a pit.One day Denji is betrayed and killed.When his consciousness disappears, he concludes a contract with Pobita and is resurrected as “a man of chain saw” – a man with a devil’s heart.

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