Chainsaw Man reveals the announcement of episode 2

Chainsaw Man

Anime revealed the announcement of episode 2, which will be broadcast today.Mappa studio animals the adaptation of Manga Tatsuki Fujimoto.Anime premiered last week and conquered the hearts of the audience from around the world, judging by the results of our weekly survey.

『#チェン ソーマン』 本 日 日 24:00 より 放送 開始 第 第 2 話 「東京 到着」 」の 予告 映像 が が 到着! 〇 24:00 テレビ 東京 系 6 6 局 ネット にて にて 放送 開始 〇25: 00: 00 prime video にて 最速 配信 ▽ ▽放送 ・ 配信 情報


Chainsaw Man – Episode 2 announcement

The cast of anime Chainsaw MAN includes:

Kkunosuke toya

as Denji

Tomori Kusunoki

Strong> as Makima

Shogo Sakata

as Aki Hayakawa

Fairoz AI

as a power

Mariya Ise

as Himeno

Kenjiro Tsuda

as Kishibe

Karin Takahashi

as Kobeni Higashiyama

Taku Yashiro

as Hirocazu Arai

Maaya uchida

As Angel, the devil

Hanae Natsuki

As a shark devil

Yuya uchida

as Violence Fiend

Saori Goto

as Spider Devil

Yo taichi

as Akane Sawatari

Daiki Hamano

As a man’s katana

Shiori Izawa

as a chill

Anime is mentioned with 12 various final songs, and Kenshi Yonezu performs the opening song “Kick Back”.In the first episode as ending was “Chainsaw Blood” by Vaunda.Crunchyroll broadcasts anime and describes the story as follows:

Denji is a young boy who works as a devil hunter with the “Devil of Chain Piła”One day, when he lived with his miserable life, trying to pay back the debt inherited from his parents, he was betrayed and killed.When he lost consciousness, he concluded a contract with a pit and was resurrected as a “man of chain saw”: the owner of the heart of the devil.


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