Chainsaw Man: What are the ending and opening songs?

Discover the opening and end of chain saw music!12 different endings!

Chainsaw Man will soon be available at Crunchyroll!If you want to meet

The beginning and end of a man chain saw

, read on!Chainsaw Man gave anime fans a lot of amazing twists and turns, amazing characters and brutal fighting scenes.

But this iconic anime series is also highly valued for the amazing selection of moody music.Before you go further, if you want to know who the cap is here.

Here is all the music opening and ending Chainsaw Man!

What is the opening of Chainsaw Man?

Fantastic opening song

man chain saw



And she is played by the extremely talented Kenshi Yonezu.Kenshi Yonezu is a Japanese musician, composer, producer and illustrator who used the professional name “Hachi”.

He said: “I wrote the song” Kick Back “to the Anime Chainsaw Man.I am honored because I still love the original work.The work has great power, so it was very difficult to find the right sound for it.I hope you like it.Thank you very much in advance”.

What is the last music of the chain saw man?

Anime series

chain saw

will have

12 different endings melodies

For each of the 12 episodes.

As Crunchyroll confirmed, these

new endings


“Hawatari niku centers” – Maximum the hormone. “All types of kisses” – anus “Song of the Fight” – Ewa “Deep Down” – Aimer “rendezvous” – Kanaria “in the back” – Syudo “Violence” – Queen Bee “Other time”- ZUTOMAYO “First Death” – CT with “Ling to sit site sigure”. “Tablet┬╗ – Tooboe “Chainsaw Blood” – Vaunda ┬źDogland” – People 1

Fans should remember that the order





It does not reflect the order in which they will appear in the anime, because it has not been officially confirmed.