Chainsaw Man: What is the difference between the possessed and hybrid demon?

Discover the difference between your Hominidemon and Hybrid Demon in Chainsaw Man!

Chainsaw Man is available in Crunchyroll!If you want to meet

the difference between the possessed and hybrid demon

, read on!Yuji Itadori and Denji, these two teenagers have recently occupied a central place in the world of manga.

Chain saw

He presents us with one of the best worlds that we have recently seen in the manga or anime.You will meet people, demons, people with evil powers, possessed and even their combinations.Although such a wide range of characters can be exciting for some, you don’t have to wait long to know.

What is the difference between a hybrid and a fee demon?

People and demons live in the world

man chain saw,

But they can be combined by creating two different beings:

Possessed (or hominidemon) and hybrid demons

.Due to their similarities and rare hybrids, the distinction between them is often imprecise.Although the demon-metal hybrids have some common features, there are key differences that distinguish them from each other, and even from the demons that formed them.

If the devil has a human body, it becomes

Possessed (or hominidemon).

While the personality of the devil usually remains under control, some captured retain more the brain of their host, just like Aki after becoming captured.

Possessed (or hominidemonas)

They are much stronger than people and can use their demonic abilities, but they are not as powerful as their original forms.

That is why they are often considered the last resort to survive.As demons, they cannot conclude contracts with people or demons.

On the other hand,

Hybrid demons

They are relatively rare and so far only four have appeared in a man of mechanical saws.They appear when the demon connects to man.Unlike your bad counterparts,

Hybrid demons

They retain their human appearance and consciousness, but add a lot of their original strength and the ability to transform the demon.

They are also able to regain strength and regenerate through blood consumption, which demons and possessed also can.However, when their blood ends, they are not able to fully take their demonic form.Denji is the most striking example

Hybrid demon

And it is a source of most of our knowledge about this rare fusion.


> Hybrid demons

They have a unique trigger to start their transformation, and Denji is a starting cable on his chest, which he attracts to start the inner chain saw.To find out how many episodes he will have the first season, read it.

In some sense

Hybrid demons

They can be considered a full version of demons, as the most significant difference is their strength.becoming


This is often considered a last resort.