Chainsaw Man: When the US government creates noise

Chainsaw Man is one of the most anticipated autumn anime!Everyone is waiting for it, including the American government!

After a very long waiting for the Otaku community, the autumn season 2022!What a season!Between season 6

My hero acadekaren

The second part of the season 1

Spy X Family


Blue Lock

Fans don’t know where to turn!But there is a series that was extremely expected.It is of course

chain saw

adapting the manga of the same by Tatsuki Fujimoto and produced by the famous mapping studio.The series is so expected by the community that Crunchyroll, the transmitting platform

man chain saw

, even organized a pre -premiere evening at the end of September, during which some privileged people could discover the first episode of anime.

However, it looks like

chain saw

You can expect in some unexpected spheres.And this is not the first time it happens.At the beginning of the year, Jean-Luc Mélelenchon and Adrien Quatennens were indeed compared to several characters from animated series, including

They stoves



.But today it is the United States Government that makes noise with a tweet, which is at least surprising.

A man made of chain saws.Hmm.

– American Consumer Products Safety Commission (@USCPSC)

October 12, 2022

Chainsaw Man: When the US government surfs the popular anime to prevent

For those who do not know, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent United States Government Agency established to protect people against “unjustified risk of injuries caused by consumer products.”Understand that she intervenes if she thinks the product is a threat.That is why the agency intervened after the first episode broadcast

man chain saw

.While the first titles take some elements of the series, the agency particularly took the opportunity to prevent the real dangers that the chain saw can be used.For example, he explains that in 2021, 21,162 sudden accidents related to chain saw accidents were recorded in the United States.Intelligent reminder that

chain saw

It remains fiction and that we must not play what we see there.