Chainsaw Man: Who is the power?Is it possessed?Trivial!

Find out who is a chain saw in man!Is it Opel or Hominid?

A man with a chain saw is available on Crunchyroll!If you want to know

who is power

, read on!


And Denji’s best friend,


He is undoubtedly a favorite of fans

Chainsaw Man.

Power can be a bit difficult, but in the end he will always do everything to ensure the safety of his loved ones.However, in addition to the small retrospective of Powera with his meaty cat, fans could not really see the past and full of power history.


Because Power is as popular as she is, it is natural that fans are wondering if there are any small details about it, omitted while reading or watching the series for the first time.Next

Who is a chain saw in man?

Who is a chain saw in man?

From all those possessed in the series are


It is located at the top of the list of most fans.Putting aside your chaotic charm,



Possessed blood

, which can freely manipulate blood in your body, creating various weapons.Like all demons, he has a characteristic feature on the head, in her case they are two horns protruding from the top of the head, which differ in size depending on the amount of blood she consumed.To learn the difference between the possessed and hybrid demon, here.

It looks like after


If he drank too much, Denji the next morning began to grow the horns.According to Makmy, this can be dangerous, and if the power still consumes too much blood, it can continue to transform.Power does not seem to be a habit.

In an interview with 2020 and 2021, Fujimoto revealed that personality


Eric Cartman from South Park and Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski was inspired.In its form, the “Blood Devil” Power retains (quite) a humanoid posture with four arms and discolored all limbs and has a triangular head with sharp teeth and pupils in the shape of a cross.